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Font Utilities

1. FontLab CompoCompiler

Publisher:Fontlab Ltd Type:Application

Compo compiler uses a special command file (a text file with a very simple structure) and applies it to your selected fonts to add composites. Plus — you can build command files automatically in Compo Compiler using any font file as a source of composite information.

2. FontLab Photofont WebReady

Publisher:Fontlab Ltd Type:Application

Fhotofont WebReady is a font converter for Mac OS X and Windows that allows the user to enhance their web pages with custom fonts of their choice.

3. FontLab SigMaker

Publisher:Fontlab Ltd Type:Application

Each computer font consists of graphical characters called glyphs. With SigMaker, you can easily create glyphs on your own, from photos, drawings, scanned signatures or company logos, and add them to any of the OpenType (new in version 3) or TrueType fonts that are installed on your system, at a character slot (keyboard position) of your choice.

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