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Network Communication

1. Dart TextBox for ASP.NET

Publisher:Dart Communications Type:Tools

An ASP.NET server control that adds flexible, dynamic, easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing capabilities to your web applications. Replace that boring TextArea with the power of a word processor!


Publisher:MG Soft Corporation Type:Application

MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition is a powerful and user friendly NETCONF client application that lets you retrieve, modify, install and delete the configuration of any NETCONF server device in the network. The software provides an intuitive GUI that lets you load any valid YANG or YIN module and represent it in form of a hierarchical tree, containing nodes on which NETCONF operations are performed (get, get-config, lock, unlock, edit-config, copy-config, delete-config, etc.).

3. Net Sarang Xmanager

Publisher:NetSarang, Inc Type:Application

Xmanager is a powerful and easy-to-use PC X server that runs on Windows platforms. It allows you to bring remote Unix/Linux desktops to your Windows PC seamlessly. You can also run remote X applications securely through the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol even when your Windows PC is inside a private network and a firewall is between your PC and the remote server.

4. Net Sarang Xmanager Enterprise

Publisher:NetSarang, Inc Type:Application

Xmanager Enterprise 3.0 Release Information NetSarang Computer Inc. has released Xmanager Enterprise 3.0, the most handy and secure connectivity solution that integrates UNIX/LINUX operating systems and their applications into Windows based PC of the user within work environment of heterogeneous operating systems and complex network.

5. SocketWrench

Publisher:Catalyst Development Corporation Type:Tools

SocketWrench is a general purpose TCP/IP networking component designed to simplify the development of Internet client and server applications. Using SocketWrench, you can connect to any service over the Internet, and can even create your own custom servers. The product includes a managed .NET component for Visual Studio 2003 and later versions, an ActiveX control for use in languages like Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and PowerBuilder, as well as a standard dynamic link library (DLL) which can be used with virtually any Windows programming language.

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