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1. Net Sarang Xlpd

Publisher:NetSarang, Inc Type:Application

Xlpd is an LPD (Line Printer Daemon) application for MS Windows platforms. When applying Xlpd, your local PC with a printer becomes a print server where the print jobs from various remote systems are requested and processed in networked environment.

2. PICTools Fingerprint

Publisher:AccuSoft Corporation Type:ADD-In

Advance security applications with the PICTools Fingerprint imaging technology. The FBI certifies PICTools Fingerprint meets the accuracy requirements in the WSQ Gray-Scale Fingerprint Image Compression Specification based on the results of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) review.

3. Print Manager Plus 2010 Single Server Edition

Publisher:Print Manager Type:Tools

4. Print Manager Plus 2010 Workgroup Edition

Publisher:Print Manager Type:Tools

Print Manager Plus Workgroup Edition is licensed per workstation. It covers up to 100 workstations in a single workgroup. These agents support direct IP printing and locally connected printers. The Small Business version of this edition is limited to 10 Workstations. Maintenance is included and covers Upgrades/Updates and Phone support for 1 Year from date of purchase.

5. Print Manager Plus Enterprise Edition

Publisher:Print Manager Type:Tools

Built for large Enterprise networks running multiple Windows print servers and advanced setups

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