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inno Screen Capture Codec(iSCC) is the most optimized codec for screen recording. This codec offers you a higher compression and faster speed compared to any other codecs even the most popular one, TechSmith Screen Capture Codec(TSCC).
Price per unit is shown below.Price in:
PublisherPartNo Description Rate Download Size
iSCC V.1.9 (Includes iSCC 32/64 bit edition) Single user license   15.00 AddtoCart
iSCC V.1.9 (Includes iSCC 32/64 bit edition) 5 user license   70.00 AddtoCart

iSCC can be used not only with liteCam and CamVerce but also with screen recording software(AVI file type) from other companies such as Camtasia Studio, CamStudio, HyperCam and etc.

 Compression rate comparison

We have compared the compression rate with number of other popular codecs. These graphs are not displaying all the files used in this test and it shows 0% for negative compression rate(bigger file size than the original file).


- Supports both lossless compression for screen recording and lossy compression for maximum compression

- Faster compression speed for real time recording

- Provides Video for Windows codec and DirectShow Filter based codec

- iSCC Encode Filter: DirectShow Codec(Encoder)

- inno Screen Capture Codec: Video for Windows Codec(Encoder/Decoder)

- Complete x64(AMD64/EM64T) 64bit operating systems support

- Now supports RGB16, RGB24 and RGB32

 System Requirements

- 64 bit OS support. Finally, a reliable codec that works on 64 bit OS.

- iSCC 32bit edition : Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7

- iSCC 64bit edition : Windows XP, Vista or 7 x64 Edition

- Minimum system requirements to run Windows Media Player


iSCC is not a recording/converting software, only the codec will be provided. There is no decoding limitation for the evaluation version, but "Produced by iSCC" will be displayed on the upper right hand side while encoding using the evaluation version.

Features for screen capture codec

Computer screen capture codec not only records the computer screen but is also used for editing the recorded videos as well as for distributing the edited videos. These are the must-have features that screen capture codec’s should have:

- Recording: This task takes a lot of system resources, so less system resource/memory usage and faster encoding speed if better.

- Editing: faster decoding/seek speed is better to move between frames quickly.

- Distributing/Exporting: Smaller file size if better. However, you may experience destroying or smudging the text if you are using a lossy codec. Codecs with less text smudging are better if you are using a lossy codec.


iSCC Features

  • iSCC performs the most optimized tasks through various configuration settings.
  • - You can set for faster encoding when you’re recording. This will minimize the system load.

    - You can minimize the file size by changing the Quality settings when you’re exporting.


  • Fully Supports 64Bit environment.
  • - iSCC is one of very few codecs that support 64 bit operating systems which will be widely used when Windows 7 comes available.


  • Supports Video for Windows and DirectShow Filter based codecs.
  • - iSCC enhances the compatibility between multimedia applications by supporting both Video for Windows and DirectShow Filter based codecs where most codecs support Video for Windows environments only.

    - Generally, Video for Windows based codecs cannot be used in any DirectShow applications on 64 bit OS. iSCC provides DirectShow Filter based codec for 100% compatibility.


    Lossless and Lossy Compression features only on iSCC

    lossless compression used in iSCC means no change in screen quality from the original video. The following pictures show you the screenshot taken from a video encoded with one of the most popular lossy codecs, Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V3, WMV, Xvid and iSCC. You can see that the video encoded with iSCC didn’t lose any quality.

    If you use a lossy codec for screen capture, it causes text smudging. You can change the Quality settings in iSCC which lowers the screen quality without smudging text. You can see different quality settings applied from the pictures below.

    As you can see from the pictures, iSCC encodes and leaves text recognizable. This Quality settings can significantly reduce the quality of the video, so check the encoded video to make sure it’s viewable. We don’t recommend going more than 2-3 steps below High.