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71% of the Fortune 100 use SQL Compare – because it's relentlessly tested, because it's easy to use, fast, and saves time. You can work with live databases, database snapshots, SQL scripts in source control, or backups. SQL Compare helps you compare and deploy changes quickly, simply and with zero errors.
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P18U1M12 SQL Compare 1user with 12months Support   495.00 AddtoCart
P18U1M24 SQL Compare 1user with 24months Support   594.00 AddtoCart
P18U1M36 SQL Compare 1user with 36months Support   693.00 AddtoCart
P18U5M12 SQL Compare 5user with 12months Support   1980.00 AddtoCart
P18U5M24 SQL Compare 5user with 24months Support   2376.00 AddtoCart
P18U5M36 SQL Compare 5user with 36months Support   693.00 AddtoCart
P18U10M12 SQL Compare 10user with 12months Support   3465.00 AddtoCart
P18U10M24 SQL Compare 10user with 24months Support   4158.00 AddtoCart
P18U10M36 SQL Compare 10user with 36months Support   4851.00 AddtoCart
P49U1M12 SQL Compare Professional 1user with 12months supprot   745.00 AddtoCart
P49U1M24 SQL Compare Professional 1user 24 months support   894.00 AddtoCart
P49U1M36 SQL Compare Professional 1user 36 months support   1043.00 AddtoCart
P49U5M12 SQL Compare Professional 5user 12 months support   2980.00 AddtoCart
P49U5M24 SQL Compare Professional 5user 24 months support   3576.00 AddtoCart
P49U5M36 SQL Compare Professional 5user 36 months support   4172.00 AddtoCart
P49U10M12 SQL Compare Professional 10user 12 months support   5215.00 AddtoCart
P49U10M24 SQL Compare Professional 10user 24 months support   6258.00 AddtoCart
P49U10M36 SQL Compare Professional 10user 36 months support   7301.00 AddtoCart
SQL Compare compares and deploys schema changes

  • Save time comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schemas
  •  Eliminate mistakes migrating database changes from dev, to test, to production
  • Speed up the deployment of new SQL Server schema updates
  • Generate T-SQL scripts that update one SQL Server database to match the schema of another
  •  Find and fix errors caused by differences between databases
  •  Compare and synchronize within SQL Server Management Studio
  •  Deploy to SQL Server databases, SQL Azure databases, or SQL Server on Amazon RDS
Do this and more with SQL Compare Pro:
  • Deploy databases from source control
  • Compare and synchronize from backups
  • Command line automation
  • Run SQL Compare on your build server for continuous integration (with the SQL Automation Pack)
A clear path through database deployment

SQL Source Control and SQL Compare now work together to help you rationalize database deployment without sacrificing control over the change process.

Control how changes are handled

SQL Source Control connects your databases to your existing version control system, making it simple to share development work within SSMS.

When it comes to complex database changes, such as table or column splits, SQL Source Control lets you provide reusable scripts that specify exactly how your changes should be handled.
Your scripts are stored in source control alongside the objects they modify and are applied whenever someone accepts your updates.

Repeatable, reliable, centralized deployment

Because your changes are stored in a single, central location, with instructions on how to apply them, any team member can deploy, confident that changes will work as intended and that your data will stay safe.