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1. Deskera CRM

Category: CRM Type:Application

Deskera Customer Relationship Management Software provides an organization with a single view of its customers; helps automate critical sales processes – from leads qualification to promotional campaigns, and enables decision makers to easily implement customer-centric strategies and ensure effective sales management.

2. Deskera E-CLAIMS

Category: ERP Type:Application

Deskera eClaims is an innovative new claims management system that offers you automated processes for claims management in India, which reduces your effort for claims processing, and provides you a paperless environment for managing employee claims. It provides you fully integrated workflow distribution for efficient claims tracking, processing and document management. Deskera eClaims empowers your organization with effective management of employee claims by recording, monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee claims.

3. Deskera E-LEAVE

Category: ERP Type:Application

Looking for a paperless and hassle-free solution for managing employee leaves? Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager might just be what you’re looking for! Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager is a comprehensive leave management system that automates and integrates the entire leave management process. Our flexible leave management system empowers your organization to effectively apply leave policies, lower leave administration costs and ensure a more productive workforce. With Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager, you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees’ leave and attendance details.

4. Deskera ERP

Category: ERP Type:Application

Deskera ERP is easy-to-use accounting software that facilitates recording and processing of different financial transactions and processes. From invoices and purchase orders to inventory and receipts, this platform provides a quick and efficient way to manage your business processes.

5. Deskera HRMS

Category: ERP Type:Application

Deskera HR Software helping businesses to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, giving them a competitive edge over the rest of the industry.

6. Deskera MRP

Category: ERP Type:Application

Deskera MRP solution helps you optimize your entire manufacturing process – from production planning and process scheduling, to quality, compliance and inventory control – while reducing the total manufacturing costs. Manufacture finished products from raw materials and deliver sales orders on time with optimal cost effectiveness

7. Deskera PM

Category: Project Management Type:Application

Deskera Project Management helps you create project plans, interactive gantt charts, collaborate in real time with team members. Allocate people and material resources, track cost of projects, get real time project reports and analytics.

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