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1. DataDynamics ActiveBar

Category: Toolbar and Menu Type:Components

ActiveBar 3.0 delivers Microsoft Office and Visual Studio toolbars, menus, and dockable windows emulation in an easy-to-use ActiveX control with several improvements since ActiveBar 2.0.

2. DataDynamics ActiveSizer

Category: Product Suites Type:Components

ActiveSizer is four controls in one: a form resizer that automatically resizes all controls on your form; a splitter control that provides multiple split views on your form; a scroller that allows the form contents to scroll when the form is too small; and a subform hosting control that allows a form to display a child form in a panel.

3. DataDynamics ActiveX ActiveReports

Category: Reporting Type:Components

ActiveReports combines the power and ease of Microsoft Visual Basic with advanced ActiveX Designer component technology to provide the ultimate report designer for Visual Basic developers.ActiveReports is fully integrated in the Visual Basic programming environment. It feels and works like VB with no more cryptic scripts or workarounds. ActiveReports provides a fully open architecture that lets you use VB code, ActiveX, and OLE Objects in your reports so you can handle the toughest of reports without limits.

4. DataDynamics Analysis

Category: OLAP Type:Components

Data Dynamics Analysis is the first free form visual analysis component for .NET developers. Take the complexity out of standard data analysis tools and gives users a simple drag and drop environment that promotes exploring data visually.

5. DataDynamics Report

Category: Reporting Type:Components

Based on the Report Definition Language (RDL), Data Dynamics Reports integrates into Web and Windows Forms applications and provides a rich API with which to create and modify reports.

6. DataDynamics SharpGraph

Category: Charting and Graphing Type:Components

SharpGraph for .NET is an advanced charting tool for Windows Forms applications. It is fully managed component and provides integration with the Visual Studio .NET™ environment. SharpGraph offers built-in support for 2D and 3D chart types, data binding capability, completely customizable graph elements such as titles, labels, annotations and legends, and fully integrated Visual Studio .NET help, including Dynamic Help. A robust sample application is also included that illustrates SharpGraph’s basic features and highlights some of its advanced capabilities.

7. DataDynamics SharpGrid

Category: Data Entry Type:Components

SharpGrid is a full-featured database-aware ActiveX grid control. It can be used in bound (both OLEDB and ICursor), unbound, and virtual data modes. SharpGrid has all of the features expected from a grid control: fast and easy manipulation of tabular data, powerful display capabilities, easy-to-use unbound mode, easy-to-use event-based and interface-based virtual modes, Outlook-style grouping, and more.

8. DynamicCube

Category: OLAP Type:Components

DynamiCube allows end users to perform highly iterative data mining and data analysis using current data from any relational database, with complete runtime control over which data, reporting features, and analytical capabilities are available under each access scenario. Integrate DynamiCube's OLAP-enabled data manipulation and reporting capabilities into your existing database applications.

9. Farpoint Button objx

Category: Button and Cursor Design Type:Components

Button Objx will help you create visually enhanced buttons.You can also dynamically change pictures and shapes, add multiple hotspots within your custom-shaped region, or use its many features to fully customize your interface. Also included is the Balloon control, the easiest and most extensive control for adding customized help balloons (tool tips) to your application using standard or custom shapes

10. Farpoint Calendar objx

Category: Component Management Type:Components

FarPoint's Calendar Objx 3, now including Daily PlanIt, gives you all the components your development team needs to display or select date and/or time values in any application. By including a calendar control, a clock control, a poster control, and a schedule control, Calendar Objx makes it easy to incorporate robust calendar or schedule features in your program's interface today.

11. Farpoint Enterprise Database Pack

Category: Database Management Type:Tools

Edit and update data from a database or from most any data source.

12. Farpoint Enterprise Developer tool box

Category: Product Suites Type:Components

FarPoint combined all of ther award-winning products into one feature-packed bundle at a savings of over $500 to give your development team all the components they need for most any project.

13. Farpoint Input for ASP.NET

Category: Development Type:Tools

FarPoint Input for ASP.NET is a set of input interface controls for ASP.NET. The suite consists of 10 input controls — Edit, Mask, Date, Number, Combo, Calendar, List, Calculator, Balloon Tip, Message Box, and 5 validation controls which caters to character types, text length, date range, date comparison and forbidden strings.

14. Farpoint Input Pro

Category: Data Entry Type:Components

 Easily create professional data-entry screens using FarPoint's Input Pro's eight custom controls. Take advantage of the six formatted edit controls to quickly validate data and alert your user as they enter information or as the application programmatically assigns or edits values. Use the boolean control to display a check box, option button, or custom true/false/grayed value appearance. Use the memo control to display large amounts of text, even those greater than 64K.

15. Farpoint Input Pro for Windows Forms

Category: Data Validation Type:Components

Input Pro for Windows Formsfor Microsoft .NET development includes a complete set of full-featured components that easily validate date, numeric, or text data entered from a database or via the keyboard.

16. Farpoint List Pro

Category: Development Type:Components

FarPoint's List Pro contains the powerful list box and combo box development components. These extremely robust controls allow you to display up to two billion list items, display single records or items on multiple rows, merge cell text for easier viewing, search for specific list items, or sort list items using unlimited keys.

17. Farpoint Spread COM

Category: Spreadsheet Type:Components

Using Spread you can quickly create powerful database front-ends, easily manage the display and entry of up to two billion items, print flexible reports, perform complex calculations, read and write files, sort data, or simply take advantage of its unsurpassed cell-level formatting.

18. Farpoint Spread for .NET Bundle

Category: Spreadsheet Type:Components

Combined both Spread for Windows Forms and Spread for Web Forms into one package to give your development team the top-notch grid/spreadsheet components they need for both ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms development.

19. Farpoint Spread for ASP.NET

Category: Development Type:Tools

Embed Microsoft® Excel®-compatible spreadsheet functionality for advanced business, engineering, and scientific applications. Spread.NET joined the ComponentOne product line on July 1, 2012, when ComponentOne became a division of GrapeCity. XAML Developers: See the Spread WPF-Silverlight controls.

20. Farpoint Spread for Biztalk Server

Category: Data  /Document Conversion Type:Components

Spread for BizTalk Server 2006 provides a complete solution for integrating .Microsoft Excel data seamlessly into your BizTalk applications.Spread includes a pipeline disassembler that parses Excel data (XLS, Excel 2007 XML, CSV, TXT) into XML, and a pipeline assembler that creates Excel (XLS, Excel 2007 XML) and PDF documents from XML data in BizTalk Applications.

21. Farpoint Spread for Windows Forms

Category: Spreadsheet Type:Components

Spread for Windows Forms for .NET development supports in-cell editing, multiple sheets, splitter bars, printing, zooming in and out of the data, Excel import/export, cell notes, 14 cell types, cell spans, multi-line headers, sorting, complete customization at the cell level, 200 built-in mathematical functions, hierarchy view, Spread Designer to easily customize the control at design-time, and much more.

22. Farpoint tab Pro

Category: Component Creation Type:Components

 Tab Pro is an easy way to enhance your application's appearance using a tab metaphor. Giving you the most comprehensive feature set, Tab Pro makes it easy to customize any interface.

23. Grapecity DataDynamics ActiveReports

Category: Reporting Type:Components

ActiveReports for .NET 3.0 takes the reporting capabilities of ActiveReports to a new level with significant improvements that make creating and working with reports.ActiveReports for .NET is written in fully managed Visual C# and provides complete integration into the Visual Studio .NET IDE. This gives Visual Studio .NET developers the ability to leverage current programming language skills (Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET) when developing applications with ActiveReports for .NET. ActiveReports for .NET is licensed per developer, and distribution is royalty free.

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