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iSpring Solutions

1. iSpring Cloud

Category: E-learning Type:Application

iSpring Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to post all your iSpring presentations and courses on the Internet.

2. iSpring Content Library

Category: E-learning Type:Tools

A huge collection of e-Learning essentials: course templates, eye-catching color themes, characters, backgrounds, icons, and buttons — everything you need for fast course creation.

3. iSpring Converter Pro

Category: Demonstration / Presentation Type:Tools

The PowerPoint converter that supports all effects: transitions, animations, and even triggers.

4. iSpring Flip

Category: E-learning Type:Tools

Fast tool to convert Word and PDF to e-Learning courses.

5. iSpring Learn LMS

Category: E-learning Type:Tools

Upload your courses and quizzes to the system, invite your employees, and track their learning progress.

6. iSpring Quiz Maker

Category: E-learning Type:Tools

Customizable, impressive, a mobile-ready quiz building tool that ensures e-Learning success.

7. iSpring River

Category: E-learning Type:Tools

With River, publishing your presentation to video format boils down to a couple of clicks. Simply switch to the "River" tab right on the ribbon and get started!

8. iSpring Suite

Category: E-learning Type:Tools

Professional toolkit that covers all authoring needs: create mobile-ready content with rich media components, smart quizzes, characters and interactions.

9. iSpring TalkMaster

Category: E-learning Type:Tools

iSpring TalkMaster helps build conversation simulations that effectively train and assess communication skills.

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