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Mind Pad update is free for all registered users. Mind Pad upgrade is not free, but all registered users will have a discount. Also, registered users of Mind Pad will able able to upgrade and update for free in a one year period after registration.
Price per unit is shown below.Price in:
PublisherPartNo Description Rate Download Size
Mind Pad 1 computer   60.00 AddtoCart
Mind Pad 2 to 9 computer   45.00 AddtoCart
Mind Pad 10 to 24 computer   34.00 AddtoCart
Mind Pad 25 to 49 computer   29.00 AddtoCart
Mind Pad 50 to 99 computer   21.00 AddtoCart
Mind Pad 100 to 249 computer   14.00 AddtoCart
Mind Pad 250 to 499 computer   12.00 AddtoCart
Mind Pad 500 to 749 computer   8.00 AddtoCart

Mind Pad - concept mapping software

Mind Pad is a mind mapping software designed to help with representing ideas in a visual way in a form of mind and concept maps.

Mind Pad incorporates map view with rich library of available objects and outline view. The software was designed to make the process of mapping really easy to go.

The basic concept of building map suggests to add new items by clicking enter or insert keys on keyboard, entering item caption texts and re-grouping items if necessary.
 The number of objects, accessible with toolbar provide more objects that could make the map easier to work with. Various kind of rectangles, arrows and links will make the map visually attractive.
The maps allows to drag and drop, copy and paste objects. Move over, the program allows to shrink items branch into one item and "+" sign, making it easy to manage with large number of items.
The visual style of map is fully customizable. Use can start with changing background or changing the default colors used for new objects.