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IntelliJ IDEA is recognized by many Java developers and industry experts as the best Java IDE on the market. With its industry-leading features, IntelliJ IDEA relieves Java programmers of time consuming routine tasks, remarkably boosting their productivity.
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IntelliJ IDEA has followed a simple, overriding principle: if it doesn't make a Java developer more productive, it doesn't go in the product. Period. IntelliJ IDEA translates that criterion into a tight focus on what a professional Java developer needs in order to be as productive as he or she is capable of being.

IntelliJ IDEA is Java IDE whose makers gave it high priority in design and implementation decisions. Functionality has increased over time, but this focus has not changed.


Greater Performance & Usability
Greatly improved performance, combined with way better usability is a key highlight of ver.7. Incredibily fast editor and streamlined project configuration for easy and intuitive setup of complex enterprise applications are among the most noticeable improvements.

Spring & Hibernate Integration
Cutting-edge support for Spring and Hibernate, which includes the full coding assistance, inspections, code analysis patterns and quick-fixes, refactoring and dedicated visual diagram tools, beefed up with Spring AOP and tight Spring-Hibernate integration, and more.

Web Services, Dynamic Languages & Many Web Development Features
Complete Web Services support: Apache Axis, JAX RPC, JAXWS and XFire, automatic generation of WSDL code, deployment and debugging; dynamic languages plugins for Ruby/JRuby and Groovy development, plus reworked XML and JSP editors with new refactorings and better performance, HTML editor let you quickly create the world-class Web and Java EE applications.

Eclipse & Maven Interoperability
Eclipse integration with two-way migration and coexistence support lets every team member take advantage of using the favorite IDE. Additionally, the new Maven integration allows to create projects directly from Maven descriptor files, execute and manage Maven Goals, etc.

Rational ClearCase Support & Numerous VCS Innovations
Teams will benefit from the brand-new unified Version Control Systems integration with improved, team-oriented change management and full-blown Rational ClearCase support.

Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM)
Visual Dependency Structure Matrix for class dependency analysis. DSM reflects the real dependencies between classes in a project, showing them sorted in a way that lets you get the overall picture at a glance.

Other Productivity-Boosting Features
In this you will find even better debugger with smart step into mode, intelligent stack view and flexible layout; TestNG support for automated unit testing; many new refactorings, code inspections and quick-fixes, and the rich set of other productivity-aimed features.