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Spell Check Microsoft IFrame controls. Use the included IFrame WYSIWYG editor or use JSpell IFrame with your own WYSIWYG IFrame editor.

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Spell Check Microsoft IFrame controls. Use the included IFrame WYSIWYG editor or use JSpell IFrame with your own WYSIWYG IFrame editor.

JSpell IFrame includes a copy of the htmlArea 2.03 WYSIWYG editor which has been customized to work with the JSpell IFrame Spell Checker. You may also use JSpell IFrame with IFrame controls from other vendors or with IFrame controls that you have written yourself.

You can use the Forms Spell Checker with Microsoft IIS and ASP pages, Java(tm) JSP pages, CGI, PHP and more. The JSpell IFrame Spell Checker is compatible with virtually all servers since it relies upon the platform independent Java(tm) language to provide spell checking services.


Client Side (Browser) - JSpell IFrame is designed for compatibility with Internet Explorer 5.5 through IE8 on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Server Side - If you are using a web server other than Microsoft IIS, you will need a Java(tm) Servlet Engine running on your web server. We recommend Tomcat from the Apache organization. Tomcat is a free open source plug-in that operates with most web servers including Apache and Netscape. JSpell is also compatible with any J2EE compatible web server or any web server that supports JSP pages. It is even possible to use JSpell in a proxied mode where spell check requests are handled by a second server, as long as the first server can handle JSP, Servlet or PHP requests.

Quick Start

The JSpell IFrame Spell Checker is a client server application. As such, there are two main steps that you have to complete, Deploying JSpell to Your Web Server and Adding JSpell to Your Web Page. From start to finish, the installation of JSpell usually takes about fifteen minutes to one hour, including the time it takes to download files.

The JSpell IFrame Spell Checker is distributed in two formats: if you are using Microsoft Windows with IIS then you received an executable installer named jspelliframe.exe; if you are using any other web server then you received a file in the J2EE compatible WAR file format, jspelliframe.war.

In addition, you may have received dictionaries for languages other than U.S. English with the following naming convention, lex_enGB.jdx English (GB), or lex_frFR.jdx French (FR). These files will need to be placed in a common directory accessible to JSpell. If you are using the Windows installer version of JSpell IFrame then this directory defaults to C:\Program Files\JSpell\lexicons. Otherwise, the directory is specified in the file web.xml using the J2EE configuration parameter jspellLexicons.