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Record and observe user interactions then share results with stakeholders
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MOR01-3-E I TechSmith Morae ESD Single User Commercial 1995.00   1745.63 AddtoCart
MOR01U-3-E I TechSmith Morae ESD Upgrade Single User Commercial Verify 997.50   872.81 AddtoCart
MORAV01-3-E I TechSmith Morae ESD Single User Education 1495.00   1308.13 AddtoCart
MORAV01U-3-E I TechSmith Morae ESD Upgrade Single User Education Verify 747.50   654.06 AddtoCart
MORG01-3-E I TechSmith Morae ESD Single User Government 1695.00   1483.13 AddtoCart
MORG01U-3-E I TechSmith Morae ESD Upgrade Single User Goverment Verify 847.50   741.56 AddtoCart

Morae is the premier software for deeply understanding customer experiences…and sharing those insights clearly and powerfully. Morae is used to record exactly what customers do and say, discover patterns in the data, key in on significant moments, and build a compelling case for how to improve the customer experience. From usability testing to focus groups and beyond, Morae helps you transform designs and marketing to make things people love.


  • Gather more data for richer insights. Morae captures the total customer experience.

    • Screen video

      Any activity taking place on the participant’s screen

    • Screen text

      All text appearing on the screen during recording.

    • Audio

      Voice captured with a microphone or video camera.

    • Mouse clicks

      Tracks left, right, middle, single-, double-clicks...and more

    • Webpage changes

      Browser events such as when and where a user navigates between webpages.

    • Camera video

      Facial expressions and nonverbals. Interaction with physical objects.

    • Window events

      When a window or dialog gets focus, is opened, closed, or resized.

    • Observer input

      Markers and notes entered by observers.

    • Keyboard activity

      Every keystroke the user makes.

    • Survey responses

      Multiple choice, choose one, rating scale, or open-ended.

  • Keep it together All your data on one timeline

    The old way to record customer interactions involved lots of devices and applications that don't talk to each other. Which ended up scattering your data across a bunch of unconnected media, like legal pads, videotape, spreadsheets, statistics software.

    Morae ties everything together in one tidy package, eliminating hours of wasted effort. All your data is captured digitally and indexed to one master timeline

  • Get started faster Preset study templates

    Morae sets up the initial details for audiovisual sources, suggested markers, and who will launch recording. It even shows you a live preview of what will be recorded. From there, it's simple to add things like task definitions, discussion questions, surveys, and custom markers.

  • Capture more details, using more methods Camera-only recording

    Morae reaches beyond the you can record customer interactions that don't happen on the computer.

    Just plug one or two video cameras into your computer. You can use consumer-grade digital video (DV) cameras, webcams, or a mix of both. And if you're not recording the screen, use the recording computer for logging notes, too.

  • Measure customer perceptions Standard or custom surveys

    Go deeper by asking survey questions before the session, after each task, and at the end. Trigger them automatically or manually. Use the standard satisfaction survey (SUS) or create any number of custom surveys. Format can be multiple choice, choose one, rating scale, or open-ended.

    Unlike paper surveys, Morae collects and stores data neatly in one place...and gives you all the tools you need to view and graph results with a click.

  • Set your study to fully automatic Unmoderated testing with AutoPilot

    AutoPilot delivers instructions, tasks, and surveys automatically during the test session. So you could set up unmoderated testing at a public kiosk or a tradeshow booth and gather data without being there. Or if you're flying solo, AutoPilot will free you to prompt, listen, and observe more carefully during the session. And it eliminates all that messy, wasted paper, too

  • Be invisible Unobtrusive recording

    Recorder runs in the background so it won't distract the user while you're recording his or her screen. It minimizes to the system tray by default, but you can also hide it completely during recording.


  • portable and flexible
  • cost-effective
  • quick turnaround
  • easy to produce graphs and video
  • polished, professional presentation

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 2.0 GHz Pentium M, 3.0 GHz Pentium 4, or equivalent processor
  • 1 GB RAM or more
  • Dedicated video card with at least 64MB of dedicated video memory
  • PCI Express graphics
  • Microsoft DirectX version 9.0 or later
  • Windows-compatible sound card, microphone, and speakers
  • Approximately 10-15 MB disk space per minute for recording and highlight video creation
  • Networked computer with 10 Mbps
  • Microsoft Windows compatible FireWire (IEEE 1394) card for DV cameras