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Audials 2016 Gold Subscription

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RapidSolution Audials Gold Subscription   39.90 AddtoCart

  • Make individual song recordings (MP3, WMA, AAC) from any Internet radio station
  • The world's largest database containing over 85,000 Internet radio stations
  • Optimized navigation with page tabs to display by genre or country
  • Display and filter by editing quality, bitrate, stream type
  • Live radio player that displays the album cover of song currently played
  • High-powered instant search function for radio stations by genre, country, commonly played artists and/or stream quality
  • Top artists by genre deliver matching radio stations
  • Make automatic and parallel mass recordings of numerous stations by genre, country, artist
  • Simultaneously search numerous Internet portals for songs and music videos

    • Artist catalog sorts search results into a discography for easy access
    • Simultaneously download/record as many music files as you wish
    • Music Universe enables visual browsing of similar artists
    • Save music videos with just a click
    • Save the audio track from music videos as an audio file (e.g. MP3) with just a click
    • Label the best hits, sort search results by rating
    • Expanded search via plugins. Use the plugin-community to access dozens of additional source
    • Automatically converts files into the desired audio or video format
    • Automatically add album artwork, ID3 tags and song lyrics via additional tag meta searches
    • Monitor thousands of radio stations simultaneously according to desired music
    • Simultaneously run a parallel meta search of all the major online portals
    • Automatically record a radio station from around the world, whenever it plays your desired music
    • Automatically records one of the supported music or video portals, if it contains your desired music
    • Recordings from radio stations with perfect recording quality (no post-editing necessary) available
    • Wishlists completed as audio files, music videos, or both
    • Bolster search database with plugins from the plugin-community
    • Comprehensive music database helps you define your music wishlist