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Solarwinds Orion Failover Engine

Explore how the Orion Failover Engine (FoE) provides two-minute failover for your Orion management system to ensure you never lose network performance visibility.
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6500 I SolarWinds Failover Engine - Single Primary P1 SolarWinds Product - License with 1st Year Maintenance   6995.00 AddtoCart
6505 I SolarWinds Failover Engine for Polling Engine - License with 1st Year Maintenance   4995.00 AddtoCart
6506 I SolarWinds Failover Engine for Enterprise Operations Console - License with 1st Year Maintenance   2495.00 AddtoCart
6502 I SolarWinds Failover Engine - Up to Three Primary P3 SolarWinds Products - License with 1st Year Maintenance   20995.00 AddtoCart

Orion Scalability Engines enable you to scale the fault and performance management capabilities of Orion NPM as your enterprise network expands and your network management needs change. Now you can distribute polling across multiple servers, protect against monitoring outages, and enable more users to access the Orion web portal.

Afraid of the dark? We are. Network engineers around the world have grown to love the visibility Orion network management products deliver into their network’s performance. But what happens if your Orion server hits a snag? Failures can be caused by server hardware issues, operating system lock-ups, power outages, or even by network availability itself—and these issues are much more common than you think!

Managing a network in the dark is no fun. That’s why we’ve created the Orion Failover Engine (FoE) which monitors the health of your Orion server to ensure you never lose network performance visibility. If something should happen to your primary Orion server, Orion FoE automatically fails over to a remote server. The passive failover server assumes the full identity of the Orion server and assumes all monitoring, alerting, reporting, and data collection responsibility. Orion FoE’s switchover is an automatic, seamless process to ensure Orion data collection continuity and is completely transparent to the user. Orion FoE is an ideal disaster recovery solution for networks that demand high availability and performance.

Key Features:

  • Provides two-minute failover for your business-critical network management system
  • Delivers instant e-mail notification if key health thresholds for your network management system are crossed
  • Supports the customization of failover rules which can trigger based on application, system, process, and service health thresholds
  • Provides high availability and ensures business continuity with real-time monitoring of your Orion implementation (including Orion modules and polling engines)
  • Saves time by automating failover tasks such as creating processes, restarting services, or updating DNS records
  • Prevents downtime with almost instantaneous automated failover when component failures occur
  • Minimizes WAN traffic during disaster recovery scenarios by leveraging WAN data compression optimization

Improve your network management coverage with the addition of Additional Polling Engines and greatly expand the number of elements or applications that you can monitor.  With the addition of Additional Polling Engines, you can:

  • Distribute the polling load for your Orion platform installation between multiple servers to provide scalability for large networks     
  • Reduce the impact on your poller performance as a result of rapid growth within your virtualization infrastructure


By adding an additional web server, the Orion website can run on a different machine than the Orion server, enabling more users to access the Orion web portal without affecting performance and providing increased scalability and deployment flexibility.

Orion Web Server Engine Features:

  • Enables more users to access the Orion web portal without performance degradation
  • Increases scalability and provides flexibility in deploying Orion