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Socialcast® by VMware® is the secure enterprise social networking platform used by thousands of companies to bring people, conversations, and projects together in one place. Socialcast is a modern way to connect, communicate and get work done in the workplace.

Expand social throughout your organization. Modernize the business systems people use every day with familiar social capabilities. Get more out of your technology investments by making information easier to find, share, and discuss.

Protect valuable knowledge assets. Whether you deploy Socialcast on-premise, or as a service hosted within secure data centers, Socialcast gives you peace of mind by ensuring that your data is safe and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Analyze your community. Understand how information flows within your company and what’s happening in your Socialcast community. Track usage patterns and create plans to improve community dynamics and employee engagement.

Control your social experience. Multiple deployment options and enterprise-class administration tools allow you to customize the interface, determine parameters for appropriate content and sharing, and analyze community activities.

Deliver social tools employees want to use. Socialcast is engaging for users, easy to use, and provides multiple ways for people to access the community, from desktops, business applications, mobile devices, and email.


Social Platform

Socialcast connects people, conversations, projects, and key business activities in a centralized workspace so people can find information faster and get work done.

  • Unified Workflow. Everything you need to connect with people, find information and work on projects is all in one place so you can focus on the things that matter.
  • Socialcast Reach. Embed social collaboration directly within your intranet, Microsoft® SharePoint® or other CRM, Help Desk, or HR business systems to create a unified platform for getting work done.
  • REST APIs. Customize Socialcast to make your community more engaging and meaningful. Create applications in any programming language and take advantage of the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol for increased security.

Enterprise Security

Socialcast provides a comprehensive set of security and data integrity features to keep your community data safe and in compliance with company policies and industry regulations. Many companies within highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and government trust Socialcast as their social platform. With On-premise or SaaS deployment options, IT can choose which solution works best for your business.

Social Project Management

Socialcast Projects allows team leaders assign action items and owners, set timelines, and track deliverables. Teams work seamlessly, without spreadsheets, emails, or status meetings.

  • Project-specific workspaces. Organize tasks into distinct workspaces. Easily move from one project to another to focus on what needs to get done.
  • Real-time notifications. Instantly notify relevant team members of activities associated with a project so they can stay up to date, and take action if required.
  • People-centric views. Filter deliverables and due dates by team member with one click so you can see what everyone is working on.
  • Task Timeline. See what you need to do today, and what is coming up tomorrow.

Real-time Messaging

Send secure, instant messages to individuals or groups in the Socialcast community, eliminating the need for email, IM or third party mobile messaging apps.

  • Enterprise-class messaging. Private Messages and its companion mobile app, Socialcast Messenger, provide an enterprise-ready group messaging platform.
  • Fewer inboxes. Manage ad hoc conversations in one place, reducing the need for email, 3rd-party IM or messaging apps.
  • Mobile-desktop synchronization. Socialcast Messenger synchronizes with Socialcast, keeping work related communications secure and in one place.
  • Include Attachments. Attach files, photos, videos and links to private messages.

Anytime Access

Socialcast mobile apps provide anytime, anywhere access to Socialcast from Apple iOS, Android or Blackberry devices. Stay in touch with team members, post messages from the road, view documents and photos.

Instant Collaboration

Connect people with shared interests across work projects, departments, and functions so people can work smarter and find information faster.

  • Socialcast Groups. Create online workspaces to organize communications and activities around a project, team, topic, or interest. Group members participate in discussions, share documents and images, and keep up with group activities.
  • Externally facing groups. Include vendors, customers, partners or consultants to work on projects in private groups.

Employee Engagement

Town Halls bring executives and employees together in a moderated, real-time conversation directly inside the Socialcast community, providing a context-rich forum to ask questions and get answers in an open setting that can be archived for future viewing.

Business Intelligence

See the important people, conversations and topics in your Socialcast community, and measure the power of your collaborative efforts at a glance. Socialcast analytics delivers:

  • Conversation intelligence: Identify the most active conversations and drill down immediately to see what people are talking about.
  • Trending topics: Keep your finger on the pulse of the social business with an up-to-the-minute list of the most popular messages, tags and topics.
  • Community Dynamics: Track the growth of your Socialcast community over time, and the organizations with the strongest social network adoption.
  • Leaderboards: Find social leaders in your organization and track individual influence.

Benefits of Socialcast

  • Embed conversations into SharePoint, CRM, ERP, PLM, Intranets, wikis and other business systems you use every day.
  • Sharpen your organizational intelligence by enabling internal and external teams to exchange knowledge around key ideas and initiatives using group workspaces.
  • Stay in touch with your team with iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps allowing you to post messages from the road and get fast answers anytime, anywhere.
  • Understand and track the success of your collaborative initiatives with real-time data from Socialcast's Social Business Intelligence analytics suite.