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Active PDF

1. ActivePDF DocConverter

Category: PDF Type:Application

With activePDF DocConverter, you can:

  • Convert to PDF and generate consistent PDF output across the enterprise.
  • Integrate PDF conversion within existing business applications.

2. activePDF Meridian

Category: PDF Type:Application

A true server-side PDF creator, activePDF Meridian enables you to deploy centralized PDF creation to every user in your organization, harnessing the processing power of your server machines, while providing client-side control

3. ActivePDF server

Category: PDF Type:Application

activePDF is a provider of PDF converter, PDF creator, and PDF manipulation software and development tools,catering to the increasing demand for high-quality, automated PDF document management

4. ActivePDF Toolkit

Category: PDF Type:Application

activePDF Toolkit is the Swiss Army Knife for PDF – virtually any PDF manipulation task can be automated through Toolkit's robust API. With activePDF Toolkit you can:Apply watermarks and stamp images and text into PDF files,Merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file, adding bookmarks for easy navigation and more.

5. ActivePDF WebGrabber

Category: PDF Type:Application

activePDF WebGrabber allows you to dynamically convert HTML to PDF - any URL, HTML stream, or HTML file to PDF on the fly – while maintaining embedded styles.

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