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1. BunkSpeed Shot

Category: 3D Modeling  Type:Tools

Bunkspeed SHOT™ enables you to import 3D data, apply accurate materials and lighting, and create stunning images in minutes not hours. You can know with confidence that you can have a rendering done fast and at expected quality. Creation of product comparisons, marketing imagery, design review imagery and even live design review has never been so easy. SHOT is not like any other typical or standard rendering software with hundreds of sliders for endless tweaking. It's a generation ahead of HyperShot and its reskinned clone. Bunkspeed SHOT™ is simply accurate, no settings for quality at all. It's real, physically correct lighting from the HDR (high dynamic range image). It's simple, fast, and accurate, enabling stunning results on the first try. It's hybrid too, so it uses all available processing resources in your computer

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