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1. Atlassian Crowd

Publisher: Atlassian Type:Tools

Crowd is a single sign-on (SSO) application for as many users, web applications and directory servers as needed — all through a single, intuitive web interface.

2. BrainEye Infotech Activity Manager

Publisher: BrainEye Infotech Pvt Ltd.. Type:Components

ActivityManager is a task management software which can be used by small and medium size companies as well as project groups to manage activities of individuals as well as teams. It is a multi-user client / server software which works on Local Area Network(LAN) with authorized user access (each user will have a login-id and password).

3. tinyPM

Publisher: tinyPM Type:Tools

Tiny Effort, Perfect Management. Lightweight and smart agile collaboration tool with product management, backlog, taskboard, user stories and wiki. Web-based and internationalized.

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