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Testing Services

Testing as a Service (TaaS) on Clouds

1. Cost-reduction and resource-sharing in TaaS in test processes a cloud infrastructure enables IT and SaaS vendors to set up a virtual testing laboratory on a private (or public) cloud without purchasing computing resources and testing resources (i.e. test tool licenses). This reduces the front costs and increases resource-sharing and utilization. For a large IT company, the cloud-based TaaS provides a cost-effective way to support many production lines which require diverse computing resources and test tools.

2. Scalable test environments with virtualization : Due to the elastic nature of clouds, cloud-based TaaS are able to provide a scalable test environment for both online applications and SaaS applications through automatic provision and de-provision based on virtual and physical computing resources. This feature addresses the strong demand of SaaS scalability measurement and performance/load testing by supporting large-scale test simulation and execution [19].

3. On-demand automated testing service in 365/7/24 : TaaS is able to provide on-demand automated testing services to respond diverse online test services from IT and SaaS vendors at anytime and anywhere.

4. Pay as you testing at any time: Unlike conventional software testing services, in TaaS, customers and clients are charged for their received services based on a pre-defined utility model and cost metrics. They will be charged in a pay-as-you-test approach. This approach provides more flexibility for TaaS customers to meet dynamic business and service needs.

5. Multi-tenant based testing services : Since multi-tenancy is a special feature of SaaS applications, TaaS must support multi-tenant based testing services according to the given QoS requirements and service level agreements in functions, performance, and security.

6. Quality certification by third parties Easily leverage scalable cloud system infrastructure to test and evaluate system (SaaS/Cloud/Application)