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Serial Communication

1. DkimX

Publisher: Franz Krainer - netal Type:Tools

DkimX is an add-on for MS Exchange Server 2007/2010 server which allows signing of messages according to the DKIM-specification (RFC 6376). Trialware.

2. SL4NT

Publisher: Franz Krainer - netal Type:Application

SL4NT is an application which implements a syslog daemon. The purpose of a syslog daemon is to listen for incoming syslog messages from syslog senders - like Unix hosts, routers, firewalls, etc. - and then decode and process the messages for logging and notification purposes.

3. VMware Socialcast by VMware

Publisher: VMware, Inc. Type:Tools

Socialcast® by VMware® is the secure enterprise social networking platform used by thousands of companies to bring people, conversations, and projects together in one place. Socialcast is a modern way to connect, communicate and get work done in the workplace.

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