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With the ActiveState Platform, developers can create applications faster by focusing on writing code, not managing runtimes.
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ActiveState Pro Monthly Subscription   8.00 AddtoCart
ActiveState Team Monthly Subscription   84.00 AddtoCart
ActiveState Enterprise Annual Subscription   - ContactUs
While the ActiveState Platform doesn’t quite automate all of this just yet, it can already help you:

Eliminate “Works on my Machine” Issues – build and deploy a consistent, reproducible runtime environment across all dev, test and production systems using the State Tool.

Simplify the Readme – reduce all the steps to set up the runtime environment on your dev, test and production systems to a single, automatable command on the Platform’s State Tool

Code More, Build Less – we’re building-in the language and OS expertise we’ve garnered over the past 20 years with the goal of helping you free up your expert resources for higher-value work.