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Altova FlowForce Server is an easy-to-use management and automation tool for data conversion and integration tasks.
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F22Z-K001-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 1 Core 1 Year   200.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K002-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 2 Core 1 Year   360.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K004-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 4 Core 1 Year   640.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K006-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 6 Core 1 Year   900.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K008-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 8 Core 1 Year   1120.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K012-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 12 Core 1 Year   1560.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K016-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 16 Core 1 Year   1920.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K024-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 24 Core 1 Year   2640.00 AddtoCart
F22Z-K032-S1 Altova FlowForce Server 2022 32 Core 1 Year   3200.00 AddtoCart
FlowForce® Server automates data transformation, report and document generation, and other tasks on dedicated servers, virtual machines, or workstations scaled for the scope of the project. Jobs are triggered by date and time, detection of new input data, or by HTTP command. FlowForce Server empowers data architects, analysts, and other IT professionals to efficiently complete enterprise-level data integration tasks.

FlowForce Server Highlights 
  • Automates execution of MapForce Server to perform data transformations.
  •  Automates execution of StyleVision Server to render reports, documents, and e-forms. Activates job execution by time, file, or remote triggers.
  •  Supports flow control with loops, conditions, result evaluation, and error handling .
  • Cached job results deliver instant response to http requests.
  •  Detailed execution logging.
  •  Access control via roles, permissions, and privileges.
  •  Intuitive Web interface to manage all server activities