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Aspose.OCR for Java is a character recognition component that allows developers to add OCR functionality in their Java web applications, web services and Windows applications. It provides a simple set of classes for controlling character recognition.
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The API is extensible, easy to use and compact. It provides common functionality so that developers have to write less code when performing common tasks.

Aspose.OCR is aimed at developers who need to find text in image files from within their own applications. It allows developers to extract text from images quickly and easily, saving the time and effort involved in developing an OCR solution from scratch.


Read Characters from Images

Aspose.OCR for Java provides a class library for extracting text from images. Your images can contain text with different fonts and styles. You can read this text and related information with Aspose.OCR for Java.

Support for Different File Formats

Using Aspose.OCR for Java, developers can easily extract OCR text from different image formats, including:

Support for Popular Fonts and Styles

Aspose.OCR for Java supports Arial, Times New Roman and Tahoma fonts in regular, bold and italic text styles. 32pt font size is supported.

Platform Independence

Aspose.OCR for Java together with Aspose.OCR for .NET cover the main development environments and deployment platforms in common use today.

Aspose.OCR for Java is available for Java 1.6 and 1.7 and will run on any place where Java Runtime is installed. Please note that Aspose.OCR for Java is compatible with JDK1.6 and JDK1.7 versions.