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FormFix Professional ActiveX by Accusoft (formerly Pegasus Imaging Corp.) URLs: pegasus-formfix-professional, pegasus formfix professional, pegasusformfixprofessional, accusoft-pegasus, accusoft pegasus, accusoftpegasus Add identification, form registration, OMR technology to your application. FormFix delivers ActiveX components offering bitonal template-based form identification, form registration, form drop out, and OMR technology to developers of forms processing applications..
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FormFix Professional ActiveX Development Kit Edition   4800.00 AddtoCart
FormFix Professional ActiveX Runtimes Deployment Licensing 1 - 4 each install   3600.00 AddtoCart
FormFix Professional ActiveX Runtimes Deployment Licensing 5 - 9 each install   - ContactUs
FormFix Professional ActiveX Runtimes Deployment Licensing 10 - 24 each install   - ContactUs
FormFix Professional ActiveX Runtimes Deployment Licensing 25 - 49+ each install   - ContactUs
With the FormFix SDK, you can build powerful forms processing applications that include form recognition, registration, and dropout, along with image cleanup and OMR (optical mark recognition for check boxes, bubbles, etc).

Designed for production-level forms processing, FormFix technology was chosen for the largest data capture project in history, the Decennial Census.

Visit the Demo page to see it in action or to install a demonstration program, or download the FormSuite SDK to compile and run sample code, and develop your own forms processing solution.

Match scanned forms against pre-defined template forms, align and drop out the blank form image, then clip and pass the data on for cleanup and recognition.

Enhance & Clean Up
Enhance and clean up scanned images for improved recognition.
Identify & Align Forms
Recognize incoming scanned forms from your master form library.
Drop Out & Extract Zones
Drop out forms and extract fields of check marks or bubble marks.


Form Setup
  • API for setting up fields, form templates, and form sets
  • Define OMR, text, image, and custom fields on each form
  • Architecture allows flexible order of operations
Form Identification
  • Match forms with user-defined templates and return confidence values
  • Quickly identify one of thousands of different forms
  • Automatic identification without the need for registration or anchor marks

Image Cleanup

  • FormFix Professional includes ScanFix Xpress (full product description) for advanced color and bitonal image cleanup, including automatic binarization, deskew, despeckle, dot shading removal, line removal, character smoothing, inverse text correction, hole punch removal, etc.
  • FormFix Standard includes basic cleanup features of ImagXpress Standard (full product description) for bitonal image cleanup, including automatic binarization, deskew, despeckle, rotate, mirror.

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)

  • Detect the presence of marks or characters (e.g. for signature detection)
  • Single and multiple mark recognition
  • Set threshold for marks
  • Perform OMR at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degree orientations

Form Registration
  • Align a filled form to its template to within two pixels, based on image content
  • Automatically determine anchor points on the master template form
  • Adjust alignment within a drop out zone to compensate for form variations

Form Drop Out
  • Remove template image at sub-second speeds
  • Confidence values highlight problem images
  • Precisely remove lines, broken lines, shading, noise, guide text
  • Automatically repair characters that intersect with removed lines or guide text

Image and Data Transfer

  • FormDirector component provides communication between FormFix, SmartZone, and ScanFix components
  • Organizes and delivers descriptions and control parameters for processing forms
  • Handles over 10,000 unique form templates

Image Load, Save, and Manipulation

  • FormFix Professional includes ImagXpress Professional (full product description) for image viewing, compression, conversion, thumbnail images, image processing and editing, TWAIN scanning, annotation, and printing
  • FormFix Standard includes ImagXpress Standard (full product description) for basic image conversion, image processing, and TWAIN scanning

What's New (.NET Version)

  • Increased OMR ease of use and accuracy
  • Samples upgraded to support Visual Studio 2010
  • New image transfer methods to simplify passing images between Accusoft products