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StyleVision Server delivers high-speed automation of document and business report generation for XML and XBRL data, based on stylesheet templates designed in StyleVision. This high-performance server generates multi-channel report output in HTML, PDF, RTF, and Word (Open XML). Available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms, StyleVision Server is optimized for today’s parallel computing environments.
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PublisherPartNo Description Rate Download Size
Z22Z-K001-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 1 Core 1 Year   500.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K002-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 2 Core 1 Year   900.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K004-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 4 Core 1 Year   1600.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K006-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 6 Core 1 Year   2250.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K008-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 8 Core 1 Year   2800.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K012-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 12 Core 1 Year   3900.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K016-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 16 Core 1 Year   4800.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K024-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 24 Core 1 Year   6600.00 AddtoCart
Z22Z-K032-S1 Altova StyleVision Server 2022 32 Core 1 Year   8000.00 AddtoCart


  • Visual drag & drop for stylesheet design
  • Advanced report design based on XML, XBRL, and database sources
  • True electronic form design through absolute positioning in design templates
  • Publishing XML data in HTML, RTF, PDF, Word 2007+, & Authentic electronic forms
  • Rendering XBRL in HTML, RTF, PDF, & Word 2007+
  • Publishing database data in HTML, RTF, PDF, Word 2007+, & Authentic eForms
  • Charting & graphing of XML, database, and XBRL data
  • Creating stylesheets for XML Schema, DTD, XBRL taxonomy & database data sources
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Graphical design for XSLT 1.0, 2.0, and XSL: FO stylesheets
  • Portable XML Forms (PXF) – all design components embedded in single PXF file
  • XML digital signatures for files edited in Authentic
  • Barcode support
  • Ability to import existing and external XSLT files
  • Combining multiple sources in one design
  • Support for multiple page layouts in a single document