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Metadraw .NET WinForms 2   499.00 AddtoCart
Metadraw .NET WinForms 2 Annual Support / Maintenance Updates   200.00 AddtoCart
Metadraw .NET WinForms 2 DXF Import   200.00 AddtoCart
Metadraw .NET WinForms 2 DXF Export   200.00 AddtoCart
Metadraw .NET WinForms 2 DXF Import/Export   300.00 AddtoCart
                         LIST OF NEW FEATURES
                          ( when upgrading from MetaDraw 2 )

  •  Support for Recent Windows editions Both MetaDraw 3 OCX and MetaDraw .Net Winforms are specifically designed and tested to support the latest editions of Windows – through Vista and Windows 8, as well as older versions of Windows.
  •  Wider Range of Development Environments MetaDraw .NET Winforms is specifically designed for support within Visual Studio .NET Winforms projects. This is a native MetaDraw .NET Winforms component. ( not a wrapper around an OCX ) MetaDraw 3 OCX is specifically designed for standard application development supporting Visual Studio 6 ( VB 6, VC++ 6, FoxPro) as well as Delphi, FoxPro, Access and most other environments offering OCX / ActiveX support. MetaDraw 3 OCX is also designed for use within Web applications including simple HTML, ASP and ASP.NET Web forms applications *** Customers purchasing MetaDraw 3 OCX with the Maintenance Support License Option are automatically provided with a FREE license for MetaDraw .NET Winforms in addition to their MetaDraw 3 OCX license,
  •  Enhanced HS Editor Utility ( included with OCX edition ) * MDI Interface – Work on Multiple Images at once * Mouse based Zoom , UnDo / Redo, Multiple Tags . . . .
  •  Multi-Step Undo / Redo It’s as simple as it sounds.
  • Link Enhancements * Link EditMode - Create / Change links with Mouse * Segmented Links, * Auto Routing, * Center Markers, * Colors
  •  New Image Formats .GIF, .JPG and .PNG ( also TIFF for .NET users ) (and of course continued support for BMP, WMF, EMF, MDP and MDR – as well as DXF with optional DXF license )
  • Database Support Save/Load pictures to/from database fields.
  •  Internet Loading Load pictures from Internet URLs
  •  Internet Upload support – save modified images to Web server ( Requires Maintenance Support License Option ) ( Available only in OCX edition)
  • Object Type Conversion Convert from text, and shapes => polygon / poly line
  • New Object Types: Easily add - Stars, Triangles, Pentagons, Hexagons & Octagons
  •  OLE Drag & Drop. Drag between applications, Even Drag and Drop within Web Pages  Zoom EditMode Zoom your image to rectangle dragged out by mouse
  •  Embedded Controls Embed other components within MetaDraw layout - Scroll and Zoom other controls with the main picture Available in OCX edition only )
  •  FloodFills Add Floodfills in any area formed by closed boundary or intersecting shapes
  •  Arrow Heads / Terminators Add Arrow heads on any open shape - Lines, Polylines, Arcs, Beziers.