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Contentverse is familiar and works like it should, so it makes sense for your users.Contentverse provides the business process automation you need to get the job done as soon as possible.
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Add content
One of the most important problems Contentverse solves is helping companies move all of their physical documents to a central digital system. And of course, they’ve made this process as easy as possible.

For your physical documents, you’ll be able to scan them right into the Contentverse system. This software is so powerful, you’re going to want every file transferred to it. Start categorizing your scans from the very beginning for easy access later.

For all you email junkies who think Gmail is the best document management system around, stop digging through labels and filter and start forwarding those important attachments right to your Contentverse database. Set rules and parameters to manage those incoming documents.

Edit content
With Contentverse document management software, editing and approving has never been easier. Imagine rattling off annotations, comments, highlights, sticky notes and more with just a few clicks; all the while knowing exactly who is editing what, when and how with the document control software.

Contentverse accepts over 400 file formats so no more having to download files before you can view and edit them. Contentverse is designed to improve your workflow, not slow it down.

Add electronic signatures to documents with ease. Mark documents for approval and make sure they don’t work their way through the approval process without the necessary eyes seeing them first.

Comments, notes and annotations are easy to recover as is every version of every file. Rest easy knowing that your documents are safe and sound with the bulletproof security of Contentverse.

Search & manage
You know that frustrating feeling you get when you can’t remember a file name? How about when you sort by ‘date edited’ and it seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth?

Not only does Contentverse have a digital filing structure and interface that you’re used to but file retrieval has never been easier! You can find any document in any location by searching the text of that document. Full keyword search capability comes with Contentverse right out of the box. As long as you know what was written in that document, it’s as good as found.

Automate content
When 5:00 is fast approaching and you’re whipping through assignments that are overdue, it’s pretty easy to miss a few important emails that come through. Maybe you star them or save them a “To Read” folder but let’s face it, we all forget to revisit even the most important tasks.

Improve your productivity
Not only does Contentverse make managing documents easy, but it will actually make you a smarter, faster and more efficient employee (probably). You’ll have the ability to set automated emails that can remind team members about certain tasks. Start using Contentverse to keep track of your to-dos as well. Contentverse can be “taught” what to do with certain documents that come in. Teach it to remind you about tasks that need to be done. You know checklists are important so allow this amazing software to help you make them. Never let another crucial item slip through the cracks again.

Manage your workflow
Working with multiple departments, clients or vendors can get extremely cumbersome when documents are flying from one office to another at the speed of light. Start taking control and let Contentverse help revamp your workflow management. Never miss an important contract, automatically ping the rest of the team when a tagged file comes in, speed up the approval process within your company. Contentverse is here to make your business run more efficiently and take the workflow out of your hands so you can start focusing on the human work that computers aren’t capable of.

Share content
You know how it is when you’re working on that latest report or presentation. Too many cooks in the kitchen makes for a messy stew…or something like that. Whether you’re up against a deadline or having your new interns tackle a few tasks, you’re going to want to be able to track every change and have every version of your documents available to you at all times.

The Contentverse document management system is created to alleviate the stress of tracking down who made what changes or what version you’re working on or, heaven forbid, recovering lost documents. The system keeps track of exactly which user was working on which document so holding your team members accountable is easy and efficient.

Recovering versions is easy
You can easily recover older versions of your documents because they’re all stored right in Contentverse. Never lose a document again. As long as it existed, you can search for it and begin working on a past version quickly.

Cloud based storage for seamless computing
Your files will be happily at home with the Contentverse system and your employees and co-workers will be happy with the face they can access their files from anywhere. The cloud based storage aspects of Contentverse make it the best choice for employees who need to telecommute or who just can’t leave work at work. Have a big business trip coming up? Leave your worries in the hands of Contentverse. You’ll be able to get a hold of all those documents you need from any device, anytime.

Purge when it’s time
We know you might have to meet certain retention policies in your company. That’s why Contentverse was designed to make that process easier. Set your purging schedule so nothing is deleted before the necessary document retention period.

Sometimes you might need to clean up your file structure and eliminate some of the clutter. Contentverse makes it easy to automatically archive documents after a certain amount of time. And remember, you can always retrieve past versions of any file or document.