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AutoInk is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat software. The plug-in provides a set of Acrobat tools (pens and highlighters) for easy annotation of PDF files using pen input. The software is capable of converting handwritten ink into text or sticky notes. Use these tools to write notes, draw, doodle, fill form fields and highlight document content.
Price per unit is shown below.Price in:
PublisherPartNo Description Rate Download Size
AutoInk Plug-in Single-user License   20.43 AddtoCart
AutoInk Plug-in / Small Office 5 users License   80.63 AddtoCart
AutoInk Plug-in / 20 User License   215.00 AddtoCart
AutoInk Plug-in / Single Site License Unlimited Users (Single Site)   1396.43 AddtoCart
AutoInk Plug-in / Multiple Sites License Unlimited Users (Multiple Sites)   2148.93 AddtoCart
The plug-in is designed for writing with a pen and uses very smooth inking interface found in Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. The Acrobat's standard "Pencil" tool is designed for a mouse input and does not utilize a pen support that comes with latest operating systems. As the result, AutoInk provides a much better user experience.