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AutoRedact is a "true redacting" solution that deletes sensitive text, annotations, text form fields, vector graphics, and image information from PDF documents making them completely safe for distribution.
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AutoRedact Plug-in Single User License   160.18 AddtoCart
AutoRedact Plug-in / Small Office 5 Users License   639.63 AddtoCart
AutoRedact Plug-in / 10 User License   858.93 AddtoCart
AutoRedact Plug-in / Single Site License Unlimited Users (Single Site)   1611.43 AddtoCart
AutoRedact Plug-in / Multiple Sites License Unlimited Users (Multiple Sites)   3223.93 AddtoCart
The AutoRedact is designed for redacting text, images, vector graphics, annotations (including Typewriter text), and text form fields in PDF documents. Annotations of all types can be optionally removed at the end of the redacting procedure.

The redacting workflow consists of three general steps. First, use variety of methods and tools to mark up all necessary information with redacting annotations. Second, run document redacting procedure that removes all selected data from the document. Third, review the results, check for omissions and save a final document.