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Farpoint Spread for .NET Bundle

Combined both Spread for Windows Forms and Spread for Web Forms into one package to give your development team the top-notch grid/spreadsheet components they need for both ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms development.

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Combined both Spread for Windows Forms and Spread for Web Forms into one package to give your development team the top-notch grid/spreadsheet components they need for both ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms development.

Spread for Windows Forms

Spread for Windows Forms for .NET development supports in-cell editing, multiple sheets, splitter bars, printing, zooming in and out of the data, Excel import/export, cell notes, 14 cell types, cell spans, multi-line headers, sorting, complete customization at the cell level, 200 built-in mathematical functions, hierarchy view, Spread Designer to easily customize the control at design-time, and much more.


Multiple Sheets
Use Multiple Sheets to categorize your information, similar to Microsoft Excel.
Bound Mode
Use in Bound mode to connect to your favorite data source to display and edit information.
Data Presentation
Display your data in Hierarchical view or Flat view.
Multiple Panes
Display data in multiple panes and allow your user to customize their own pane view.
Programmatically sort data by rows, columns, a range of rows, a range of columns or a range of cells. Or, allow your users to easily auto sort columns simply by clicking on the column header.
300 Built-in Functions
Use the 300 built-in functions or create your own custom functions for Spread's advanced Calc Engine to evaluate, including cross-sheet formula referencing.
Drawing shapes
You can use shapes to make draw attention to parts of your spreadsheet or emphasize some information or process involving the use of the spreadsheet. There are several built-in shapes for you to use or you can create your own shape. Each shape can be rotated and resized, and their ability to be rotated and resized by the end user can be constrained.
Row filtering
Programmatically sort data by rows, columns, a range of rows, a range of columns or a range of cells. Or, allow your users to easily auto sort columns simply by clicking on the column header.
Specify print ranges and print your spreadsheet data using the optional print preview.
Unbound Mode
Use unbound to display and edit any data - no datasource needed.
Cell Spans
Create cell spans to join cells together, allowing one cell to span across multiple cells to include, for example, your company logo.
Operation Modes
Use the Operation modes to determine how your user can interact with Spread:
       Normal, ReadOnly, RowMode, SingleSelect, MultiSelect, ExtendedSelect.
Named Styles
Create Named Styles to define a certain style (for example; fonts, colors, cell types, etc.) and share the style with other cells. This greatly reduces your coding time and allows you to easily modify the master style so that it will update all related styles accordingly.
Intuitive Spread Designer
Use the Spread Designer to save valuable development time by quickly adding data and easily designing the look of the Spread component with no coding required.
Zoom in and out of the spreadsheet data.
Enhanced Scrolling
Use the scrollbar tracking feature to quickly see what row you are on while scrolling through Spread's data.
Use any of the built-in skins to apply a consistent look across controls or quickly create and use your own custom skin. Your custom skin can be shared with your fellow developers to use across the company.
Allow or prevent your user from selecting rows, columns, blocks of cells, or multiple blocks of cells.
Use the Column, Row and Cell objects to quickly take advantage of Spread's extensive feature set.
Multiple Line Headers
Use multiple line headers to better organize your column and row information
Open Microsoft Excel files, Spread 6 files, Spread XML files, and Text delimited files.
Save to Microsoft Excel, Spread XML and Text files.
Cell Extensibility
In addition to our included cell types, you can create and use your own custom cell type. For example, you could display another Spread inside a cell, use another control or create your own custom control to display and use.
Gradients, Background Images and Alpha Blending
Spread supports background images, alpha blending, and transparent background colors. This allows you to place background pictures in cells, on Spread so all cells bleed through the image, or even place an image on the form and have the image show through Spread.
Enhanced Keyboard Mapping
You have complete control over how your spreadsheet will react when the user presses any key, including function keys. For example, your could move the focus to the next cell below when the Enter key is pressed or bring up your own custom editor or a calendar when the user presses the F4 key when in a datetime cell.
Merge Cells
Automatically merge cells that contain identical information for easier viewing of your data.
Cell Overflow
Allow cell contents to overflow to adjacent cells if the data is too long to be displayed in the cell.
Cell Notes
Display pop-up cell notes, which contain your own custom text, over any cell.
All The Things You Expect
Apply fonts, borders, and colors to an individual cell, range of cells or specified columns and rows.
Easily customize the display by using AlternatingRows to apply your own distinct look.
Full Clipboard Support
Including special paste features that you are used to in Excel.
Add security to your data by locking cells from being edited and protecting sheets.
Microsoft Excel Look and Feel
If your users are familiar with Excel, they will be comfortable using Spread.
Complete Cell Customization
Spread is "Cell-centric", meaning you have full control at the cell level in addition to rows, columns and the sheet level.

Use Spread's celltypes or create your own to determine what kind of data can be entered into a cell, avoiding unnecessary checks and validations by the developer and providing a natural way for your user to enter data:

Button, CheckBox, Combobox, Currency, DateTime, General Formatter, Hyperlink, Image, Mask, MultiOption, Number, Percent, Progress, Regular Expression, Rich Text, Slider, or Text

Spread for Web Forms

Spread for Web Forms is a complete ASP.NET spreadsheet component that supports bound or unbound modes (no dataset needed), AJAX, native Microsoft Excel import/export, in-cell editing, multiple edits on multiple rows without server round trips, client-side column/row resizing, multiple sheets, searching, filtering, multiple cell types, validations, cell spans, multiple headers, sorting, complete customization at the cell level, over 300 built-in calculation functions, hierarchical display and much more.


AJAX Support - AJAX allows the component to refresh without refreshing the entire page. This affects several features including expanding and collapsing child sheets in a hierarchical display, column sorting, inserting rows, searching, filtering, paging, and formulas.
Row filtering - You can customize the user experience for filtering data on a sheet. With row filtering, you can allow the user to filter the data in columns on a sheet and display only the rows of data which meet criteria from a drop-down list or change the appearance of rows based on that filtering.
Searching - You can search for data in any of the cells in the workbook by specifying the sheet and the string of data for which to search. You also have several searching options you can choose from.
Frozen Rows and Columns - Using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 and higher, you can freeze columns and rows and keep them displayed regardless of where the user navigates in the sheet. Frozen rows and frozen columns do not scroll when the user uses the scroll bar or navigation keys in the component.
Grouping - You can set up the display to allow Outlook-style grouping of rows. For large amounts of data, this is helpful to display the data in the order the user needs. The user selects columns by which to sort and the component then organizes and displays the data in a hierarchy with rows organized accordingly.
Load on Demand- You can allow the Web page to load on demand -- as the user scrolls further down the spreadsheet the FarPoint Spread component on the client loads another page of rows from the server as needed. This is similar to what was called "virtual mode" in the COM version of the product.
Conditional Formatting - You can set up conditional formats within cells that determine the formatting of the cell based on the outcome of a conditional statement. You can use a named style to specify various formatting options such as borders and colors to apply if the condition statement is valid, that is, if the operation is satisfied.
Drag and Move Columns - Moving columns just got easier.You can allow your users to click on the header of a column and drag it to another location on the spreadsheet. You can set this with the AllowColumnMove property in the FpSpread class.
Hierarchy - Display multiple levels of data because datasets are getting deeper.
More Than 300 Built-in Functions - Add calcuations quickly to your web applications by using any of over 300 pre-defined algorithims or add your own custom functions. Spread now supports cross-sheet formula referencing.
Insert and Edit Allow or prohibit users from inserting and editing data in columns, rows, or cells.
Custom MessagesDisplay custom error messages when invalid data has been entered (for example, entering text into a date-time cell).
Command Bar- A customizable button bar provides an easy and intuitive way for your users to edit, delete, and insert data, control sheet navigation, and control paging. This can be positioned on the top or bottom of the control.
Page Navigation- Customize the navigation of multiple pages of data by displaying page numbers, next and previous arrows, or both. It can be positioned on the top and/or bottom of Spread or on the Command Bar.
Sheets-Each control can contain multiple sheets, similar to Microsoft Excel, allowing you to organize your information on one convenient screen. You can also hide sheets.
Binding- Bind Spread to a dataset to quickly display and easily allow your users to edit the information. Spread can automatically update the dataset with the changes. Spread can bind to any data source that supports the IList or IListSource interface.
Unbound- Use in unbound mode to populate columns, rows, and cells using your own data and custom formatting.
Text TipsDisplay custom text tips over any column, row, or cell to display additional information to help your user.
Multiple Data Changes Allow multiple data changes, even on multiple rows, without a having to round trip to the server to save your changes.
Client-Side Data Validation- Client-side data validation reduces unnecessary round trips to the server by validating the entered data on the client side before it gets posted back.
Named Appearance StylesCreate Named Styles to define a certain style (for example; fonts, colors, cell types, etc.) and share the style with other cells. This greatly reduces the coding and allows you to easily modify the master style and it will update all related styles accordingly.
Predefined and Custom Skins- Easily and quickly configure the appearance of Spread using predefined skins or create and save your own custom skins. Custom skins can easily be shared with everyone in your development team, allowing a consistent look of the control across multiple pages and applications.
Sort- Automatically sort any column in ascending or descending order by double clicking on the header, or programatically sort any range of cells.
Client ScriptingCreate a rich user experience for your users using the client scripting, allowing the editing of values without having to round trip to the server, as well as many other user-friendly benefits.
HTML tablesUse Spread as a replacement for HTML tables, giving you full access to Spreads' advanced formatting options.
Customization- Customize the gridlines, odd/even row colors, colors of the selected item, scrollbar color, cell spacing and much more.
Operation Modes-Use the Operation Modes to control how selections can be made:
       Normal, ReadOnly, RowMode, or SingleSelect.
ObjectsYou have complete control over the design of Spread by using the Sheet, Row, Column and Cell objects.
SpansAdd spans to headers, rows, columns or cells.
Multiple HeadersAdd multiple rows and columns to the headers.
Cell CustomizationComplete customization at the cell level, including setting cell types, tags, alignment, borders, colors, font and margins.
Spread DesignerUse the Spread Designer to reduce development time by allowing you to fully customize the look and feel of the control at design time using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.Import / Export Data- Import/export Microsoft Excel 97 and higher files and text files. Export to Spread XML.
Publish Excel Workbooks Online Easily publish your existing or new Microsoft Excel 97 and higher workbooks online by using Spread's Excel import and export feature.
Dual Programming Models Program directly against Spread's data and style models for maximum control and speed or use the included Helper Objects for a more intuitive approach.
Multiple Browsers Unlike other grids, we recognize the possibility that not every one of your users will be using MS Windows Internet Explorer 6.0. We have done extensive testing with other browsers and versions and, when possible, have added support for these as well.
Cell C1Types- Use any of 16 predefined cell types to control what type of data is allowed to be entered in a cell or create your own cell type to display data:
  • Button
  • Double
  • List Box
  • Check Box
  • General
  • Percent
  • Combo Box
  • Hyperlink
  • Radio Button
  • Currency
  • Image
  • Regular Expression
  • DateTime
  • Integer
  • Label
  • Text