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The standard for managing Eclipse tools and applications. Take advantage of Genuitec’s public cloud, or for more control, manage your Eclipse tooling behind your corporate firewall. Easy one­-click lock down alleviates dependency issues, security concerns and tool incompatibility woes for good.
Price per unit is shown below.Price in:
PublisherPartNo Description Rate Download Size
Secure Delivery Center 1-10 Per user Licensing   100.00 AddtoCart
Secure Delivery Center 11-25 Per user Licensing   2000.00 AddtoCart
Secure Delivery Center 26-50 Per user Licensing   4000.00 AddtoCart
Secure Delivery Center 51-100 Per user Licensing   6000.00 AddtoCart
Eclipse Delivery Licensing Unlimited users per Eclipse product   15000.00 AddtoCart
Unlimited usage for a delivery hub   25000.00 AddtoCart


 *Deliver via public or private cloud

 *Package with various team needs in mind
 *Provide software catalogs


 *Contain all access behind a firewall
 *Restrict update site usage
 *Lockdown a little or a lot


*Control ability to add software
*Set update requirements
*Pre-bundle software and configurations


*Extend with advanced workspace tasks
*Installer customization
*Integration fit for the Enterprise


*Automatic license maintenance
*Software libraries
*Out-of-the-box end-user portal