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Global Mapper is more than just a utility; it has built in functionality for distance and area calculations, raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis and contrast adjustment, elevation querying, line of sight calculations, cut-and-fill volume calculations, as well as advanced capabilities like image rectification, contour generation from surface data, view shed analysis (including Fresnel) from surface data, terrain layer comparison (including differencing), and triangulation and gridding of 3D point data. Repetitive tasks can be accomplished using the built in scripting language or comprehensive batch conversion functionality.
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Global Mapper v20.xx Single User Node-Locked License   603.90 AddtoCart
Global Mapper Mapper v20.xx Single User Node-Locked License LiDAR Module   603.90 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v20.xx Network License (2 seats)   1867.80 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v20.xx Network License (2 seats)LiDAR Module   1867.80 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v20.xx Single User Floating License   988.90 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v20.xx Single User Floating License LiDAR Module   603.90 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v19.xx to v20.xx Upgrade License   242.00 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v19.xx to v20.xx Upgrade with LiDAR Module v19.xx to v20.xx Upgrade   484.00 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v19.xx to v20.xx Upgrade with NEW LiDAR Module v20.xx   845.90 AddtoCart
Global Mapper v20.xx USB Dongle License (English)   - ContactUs

Feature Extension Plugin Support

These allow 3rd-parties and customers to create add-ins to Global Mapper to extend the functionality through their own toolbars and/or menu items. The feature extensions will have access to all data loaded in the Global Mapper application instance through the same API used by the Global Mapper SDK. There is an item under the Help menu for managing the installation and registration of feature extension plugins and add-in modules. For more information on how to write and publish an extension contact your Blue Marble sales representative

Flexible View Interface

The new multi-view map display allows several docked map windows to be displayed within the interface for better data visualization and manipulation. These views, which support both top-down 2D rendering as well as oblique 3D viewing, can be independently zoomed and panned and can be resized to make the most efficient use of the available screen space.

3D Data

Global Mapper works as easily with 3D data as it does 2D data. It supports several 3D formats such as 3D PDF, Collada, Wavefront, 3DS Max and more. The user has the ability to link the 2D and 3D viewer so panning, zooming, and adding vector features will automatically replicate in both windows. This powerful functionality also includes the ability to select and measure features in the 3D viewer. These tools are initiated by selecting the Digitizer tool or Measure tool on the 3D viewer toolbar. Any selections are shared by both the 2D and 3D viewer, and the right-click menu allows you to perform many Digitizer operations on the selection.

There is a toolbar and support for setting up and recording HD 3D fly-through videos of your 3D projects. Additional fly-through features include a handy setting for UAV or Aerial tracking playback option to display a video file synced to any line feature with per-vertex times. Support has been added for features such as draping vector data, GPS tracking and Skyboxes for rendering a sky simulation in 3D. Support has also been added for 3D textures and meshes in GMP files. When recording a fly-through video file, the video file will automatically be associated with the fly-through feature so you can easily play it back from the Feature Info or Digitizer Tool.

There is now a new 3D navigational aid, the pivot axis, which shows the scene rotation pivot location. This may be toggled on or off using the 3D right-click context menu or by using the Ctrl+Shift+P hotkey.

Data Importing / Exporting

One of the unique and defining characteristics of Global Mapper is its extensive and varied data format support. Offering direct access to over 250 different raster, vector, and elevation data types, including 3D PDF files, Global Mapper supports virtually all types of geospatial data right out of the box, no add-ons required. With new and modified formats being added on an ongoing basis, you can be sure that the software will never be out of date with your data.

The list of export formats available within Global Mapper is as impressive as the supported data import types. Vector, raster, and elevation data can be exported in virtually every common file format as well as many proprietary types. During export, data can be gridded into smaller or more manageable files or the export area can be cropped to a defined area or to the extent of the current screen view. The latest version dramatically sped up raster/elevation exports cropped to complex area features. For very complex areas (i.e. hundreds or thousands of vertices) the exports may be 10x as fast or even better!

Spatial Database Support

Import and export data from your spatial databases. Global Mapper includes support for the following spatial databases:

  • Esri ArcSDE (requires ESRI license on machine and 32-bit only)
  • Esri File Geodatabase (includes raster and grid and all versions of file geodatabses, requires ESRI license on machine and 32-bit only)
  • Esri Personal Geodatabase (requires ESRI license on machine and 32-bit only)
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL Spatial
  • Oracle Spatial
  • PostGIS/PostgreSQL
  • SpatiaLite/SQLite