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Scanahand creates fonts that you can use in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, and any Windows application. You can even load your fonts on Macintosh computers. As more web browsers support webfonts, you can also use your fonts in websites.
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Scanahand Standard Edition   59.00 AddtoCart
Scanahand Premium Edition   99.00 AddtoCart
Several templates to choose from
The standard edition includes an English and Western Europe template. The premium edition also includes a signature and symbol template and an editor to create your own templates.

Scan your template 
Scan your template directly from within Scanahand, or select pre-scanned images on your harddisk.

Setup your font
Fill in a few simple details about your font such as the name and copyright. The premium edition also allows you to set the font style.

Generate the font
Generating the font takes only a few minutes depending on the selected template and your computer speed.

Test your font
After the font is generated you can preview and test your font. If you are satisfied with the results you can directly install the font from within Scanahand.

Template editor 
The premium edition includes a template editor that lets you define your own templates so you can decide which characters will be included in your fonts.