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KinderGate Parental Control is a tool that allows home users control Web resources used by their children.

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KinderGate Parental Control is a tool that allows home users control Web resources used by their children.

Block Unwanted URL Categories

With KinderGate Parental Control, parents can deny access to web sites with adult content and block a wide range of other URL categories, including resources containing malicious software, web sites related to drugs and violence, gaming resources, etc. The tool can also monitor categories of web pages visited by your child without denying access to any resources. The program uses the Entensys URL Filtering module with a database of 500 million web sites that is continuiously maintained and updated.

>Block Unwanted URL Categories

The latest version of the product features a new function called Safe Search that enables KinderGate to block unwanted requests to search engines like Yandex, Google and others. Morphological evaluation of online resources is another feature that provides extra protection from unwanted interest on the Internet. You may configure this function to scan resources for such categories, as “Bad language,” “Porno” and “Games.”

Protect Your Child From Unwanted Friends

Online dating sites and social networks are being extensively used by pedophiles and maniacs. Resorting to anonymity on the Internet, pedophiles search for potential victims among children, often telling they are the same age with them.

KinderGate helps you track your children’s messages in social networks, including MySpace and Facebook. You may view the history of messages over a certain period of time sent via a selected online service.

Block Dangerous Websites

The Internet becomes a more dangerous environment every day. With KinderGate, you may block access to over 5 million websites that feature phishing, Trojans, keyloggers, botnets and other malicious software. The database of dangerous websites is updated on a daily basis.

One more feature is the contextual advertisement filter that you can enable in the web surfing settings. It will keep children away from unwanted resources and become a valuable tool for parents, as it blocks annoying banners that pop up on numerous websites.

Setting Internet Access Mode

KinderGate Parental Control lets you set Internet access mode to allow or deny access at a certain time or on certain days.

Messengers and Files Download Control

To protect your children from unwanted chats, KinderGate Parental Control 1.1 monitors messages sent via a wide range of online messengers, including ICQ, Jabber, MSN and YMSG. You can also deny downloads of certain files (EXE, DOC, MP3, AVI, etc.).

Secure Search

Secure Search function helps block unwanted requests in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Morphological analysis of Internet resources now enables a better protection from unwanted online factors. Users can enable the feature to check for such categories, as “Foul language,” “Pornography” or “Games.”

Monitoring and Statistics

In addition to restricting access, you can use KinderGate Parental Control to monitor Web resources that your children visit. The program generates reports of visited URL categories, online applications and games, connection time, etc. You can use the statistics the program provides to determine if Internet restrictions for your child are reasonable or not.