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Duplicate Email Remover cleans Outlook folders from duplicated messages and posts.
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Duplicate Email Remover Single user license   29.00 AddtoCart
Duplicate Email Remover 5-Users license   110.00 AddtoCart
Duplicate Email Remover 10-Users license   190.00 AddtoCart
Duplicate Email Remover 25-Users license   450.00 AddtoCart
Duplicate Email Remover 50-Users license   800.00 AddtoCart
Duplicate Email Remover 100-Users license   1200.00 AddtoCart
Search for duplicates in single Outlook folder
Select the folder or use the "all folder" option and the product will analyze each folder separately for duplicates and process the folders one by one.

Search for duplicated emails across multiple Outlook folders
In the mode "across folders search" the product analyzes all selected folders first and then processes duplicates in the second step. The folder priority list allows you to choose the folders which should be considered the "source" of the given messages and which folders contain "duplicates" to be processed.

Search across Exchange mailboxes, public folders and IMAP accountsDuplicate Email Remover allows you to process all types of folders and mailboxes in Microsoft Outlook. If you are using a Microsoft Exchange account or if several such accounts are connected to your Outlook, the product will do the job properly. Even if you need to delete duplicated emails in Public Folder on Microsoft Exchange Server or in an external account connected to Outlook (for example, a GMAIL.COM account connected via IMAP) — Duplicate Email Remover is the solution.