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Live Signatures inserts Text, Date, Time or even RSS Feeds into the outgoing messages.
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Live Signatures Single user license   29.00 AddtoCart
Live Signatures 5-users license   110.00 AddtoCart
Live Signatures 10-users license   190.00 AddtoCart
Live Signatures 25-users license   450.00 AddtoCart
Live Signatures 50-users license   800.00 AddtoCart
Live Signatures 100-users license   1200.00 AddtoCart
Functions of Live Signatures are not restricted to simple adding of a corporate signature to the messages. On the basis of Live Signatures you can organize automated mailing of company news, sending automatically created journals of program operations, weekly sending of price-lists or reports. With the help of Live Signatures the variable data can be sent by mail or used in the email signatures without making any changes during the message creation.

This Outlook add on doesn't replace the built-in templates for signatures in Microsoft Outlook, it extends their functionality and makes them live: you can modify your current signature templates in Microsoft Outlook by adding new macros from Live Signatures.

Live Signatures works with all types of Microsoft Outlook message editors and supports all message formats (HTML, Plain Text, RTF). Any message in Microsoft Outlook (including message in public folders of Microsoft Exchange Server) and file saved locally or in the public folder can be used as a data source.