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Myeclipse ia an open ,extensible and affordable enterprise IDE for Java,J@EE,WEB,Web services,AJAX,UML,XML,databases,and open standard technologies.
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Why use MyEclipse

Why use MyEclipse

1. Complete Solution.
MyEclipse is the most comprehensive Java EE / J2EE IDE for the open source Eclipse platform, period. Over 300,000 man hours have gone into MyEclipse, ensuring both depth and breadth of features.

2. Open Standards.
MyEclipse incorporates today's most innovative open-standard technologies to provide a development environment for J2EE WEB, XML, UML and databases and a wide array of application server connectors to streamline development, deployment, testing and portability.

3. Always Improving.
MyEclipse gets better with each release. And the best part is that with your paid subscription, you have access to all the improvements we make at no additional cost. With up to six commercial releases every year, there's no wait for years between feature updates like some other IDEs.

4. Have it Your Way.
Each of our subscribers is unique. So, MyEclipse offers the flexibility to select the technology you need at each application tier, choose optional technology bundles, "turn off" capabilities not needed, access Velocity templates for code generation and add third-party commercial and OSS tools to enhance your development experience. Coming soon, you'll have even more ability to manage MyEclipse and Eclipse add-ons intuitively from the IDE to be sure you get the most bang from your system.

5. Peace of Mind.
With MyEclipse, you don't have to roll your own IDE or spend valuable time debugging your environment. With your subscription, you gain the ability to focus on your work knowing that each MyEclipse release is tried and tested by a million users around the globe.

6. Increased Developer Productivity.
MyEclipse continually improves your Eclipse experience by delivering a Java EE/J2EE, database, RAD, UML, POJOs, Web 2.0/AJAX, and rich-client development environment. We also bundle an embedded Tomcat server, giving you your own sandbox.

7. Works in your environment.
MyEclipse is certified on Windows, Linux, and Apple's OS X platforms. Also, MyEclipse is middleware agnostic, with support for more than 30 application servers and 30 database systems.

8. Grows with you.
MyEclipse's parent company, Genuitec, has been in the technology space since 1997, so we know all about growing pains. That's why MyEclipse is optimized to provide effective tools for every size of development project, in every size of organization – from a company of one to the largest multi-national firms.

9. Complete documentation and support.
With your subscription, you have access to free online support (recognized by many customers as the best in the industry), forums and FAQs in addition to a comprehensive library of educational materials that include demos, tutorials, and user-contributed information.

10. Free 30-day trial.
If the first ten reasons haven't convinced you to use MyEclipse, maybe we can win you over with a free 30-day trial. After using it, we're sure you will come up with your own reason to love MyEclipse.


Eclipse JavaScript Debugger

MyEclipse is the first Eclipse-based product to provide the essential development features for programming and debugging Ajax web applications. This advanced debugger is available only in the MyEclipse Professional Edition. Other highly-productive Ajax features available in MyEclipse can be found on the Ajax Tools page.

The MyEclipse JavaScript Debugging System is integrated into the Eclipse debugging architecture and is an integral part of the MyEclipse Ajax Workbench. As an example to orient you to the MyEclipse JavaScript debugging tools, below is a JavaScript debugging scenario, as well as links to the MyEclipse "Instant-on" JavaScript Debugger.

Matisse4MyEclipse Swing UI Designer

Matisse is/was the code name for the well-known WYSIWYG Swing user-interface designer of NetBeans, now called the NetBeans GUI builder. This designer includes some of the most intuitive and advanced layout and sizing controls of any Swing visual designer today.

Matisse4MyEclipse is an implementation of NetBeans' Matisse that integrates its functionality into MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench to enable the rapid development of Java Swing rich client applications (RCP) within the MyEclipse environment. Developed in partnership with Sun's NetBeans Project, Matisse4MyEclipse offers full control and round trip development between RAD visual design tools and underlying Java Source code. It consists of a form designer with a source mode, an extensible palette of Swing and AWT controls with drag-and-drop placement support, advanced alignment guides and sizing tools as well as property and outline views.

MyEclipse UML - UML Tools for Eclipse Developers

MyEclipse is the leading product for Eclipse-based UML tooling.  This advanced tool set is available only in the MyEclipse Professional Edition.  The MyEclipse UML tooling is integrated into the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench Professional Edition, and  can easily be learned by browsing the examples below or the many UML tutorials.  MyEclipse UML tools equip developers with ability to perform the following tasks, services or execute deliverables:

  • Export diagrams in image format: GIF, PNG, PS, EPS, SVG
  • Forward engineer or Reverse engineer class diagrams from any MyEclipse J2EE project or Eclipse Java project
    • Batch process reverse-engineer any combination of project, source-folder, Java package or individual class
    • Drag-n-drop any Java class or interface from the Eclipse Package Explorer view onto any UML class diagram
    • Customizable reverse-engineering preferences
  • Drag-n-drop any UML artifact from the Outline view onto any compatible UML diagram
  • Auto-layout option for class diagram
  • Getting started with UML Diagrams: Use-case, Class, Sequence, Collaboration, State, Activity, Deployment
  • Integrated Diagram Editor, Outline View, and Properties View
  • UML Perspective
  • Free-form figure drawing tools
  • Direct edit of Node and Connection details via Hot-Zones
  • Diagrams stored in UML Model Repository File (e.g., cardemo.umr)
  • No restriction on location or project type that may contain UML Model Repository files
  • Generate Java code from models
  • Export models as XMI 1.0 format

Extended Database Support

  • Oracle Connector
  • MySQL Connector
  • Microsoft sqlServer Connector
  • Sybase Connector

MyEclipse Java Image Editor

Main features include:

  • Integrated image editor that supports many of the popular features in today's photo processing software.
  • Screen capture ability (when used as a SNAP)
  • Tool palette, color and gradient properties.
  • Operations include zooming, crop and resize, image rotation, and image filters
  • Extensive palette tools property configuration
  • Over 65 image filters
  • Extensive image format support including; JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, TIFF, TGA, PICT, PCX and RAS
  • Fully integrated with MyEclipse Image Preview view

MyEclipse Reports

MyEclipse Reports greatly simplifies the process of developing, deploying and testing a wide range of web reports. MyEclipse Reports consists of a suite of advanced report development tools and a runtime report engine. These features are designed to work in a seamless manner with the MyEclipse web project tools, database tools and Java EE application server connectors and smart deployment facilities. The goal of this document is to provide you a quick overview of the key MyEclipse Reports features.

  • MyEclipse Report Design Perspective
  • Report Designer
    • Charts
    • Data Scripting
  • Report Preview
  • Data Source/Data Set Tools
  • Report File Formats
  • Report Templates & Wizards
  • Report Web Projects
  • Report Libraries
  • Database Explorer Integration
  • Customization
  • Deployment & Testing
  • Example Projects