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MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator for Windows is available in three editions. Editions differ regarding the number of SNMP agents that can be simulated and regarding the number of simulator engines that can be used.

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MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator - LITE Edition for Windows   945.00 AddtoCart
MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator - WorkGroup Edition for Windows   2365.00 AddtoCart
MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator - Enterprise Edition for Windows   4725.00 AddtoCart

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator lets you effectively simulate SNMP networks without expensive and bulky network equipment. Thus, you can significantly benefit from the software if you are, for example, involved in designing or testing network management applications, or conducting NMS training, or giving NMS demonstrations in course of sales campaigns, or evaluating network management applications before purchase, etc.

The software can simulate thousands of SNMP-manageable network devices, each binding to a selected IP address and port, supporting its own set of SNMP settings and variables (MIB modules).Simulations can be run on a single machine or distributed over numerous computers.

The main components of the software are the simulator engine and the management console. Simulator engine is a Windows service that can simulate numerous SNMP agents. To facilitate enterprise level simulations, many simulator engines can be deployed on computers across the network. Even in such complex setups, a single easy-to-use management console (GUI) is used for configuring and managing all simulated agent instances.

The software lets you take a snapshot of any SNMP device on the network, store its data in an XML file, and then simulate this SNMP device. Furthermore, a built-in editor lets you view and edit agent snapshot files (XML) in a visual manner. The management console incorporates bulk commands that let you add, configure, start and stop simulating a group of SNMP agents at a time.

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7).