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Introducing Nagios Fusion™ - a powerful tool for visualizing operational status and enabling faster problem resolution across an organization's entire IT infrastructure.
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FUSION:FUSION-MSP-1Y Nagios Fusion License,1 Year Ticket Support and Maintenance Plan   2495.00 AddtoCart
FUSION:FUSION-MSP-SW10 Nagios Fusion License(10 Instances),1 Year Ticket Support and Maintenance Plan   3995.00 AddtoCart
FUSIONR:FUSION-RENEW-1Y Nagios Fusion License Renewal,1 Year Ticket Support and Maintenance Plan Verify   2095.00 AddtoCart
FUSIONR:FUSION-MS-RENEW-1Y Nagios Fusion License Renewal,1 Year Ticket Support and Maintenance Plan(2021 Pricing) Verify   995.00 AddtoCart
Nagios Fusion Features

Comprehensive Dashboard: A powerful home screen dashboard provides users with a high-level overview of their Nagios-Fusion-Homescreen-Dashboardmonitoring servers and distributed environments in order to gain valuable insight to the overall health of their network.

Intuitive Visualizations: Fusion allows users to view their network in intuitive and easy to understand charts and graphs. Advanced visualizations provide quick, in-depth insights on server health and monitoring effectiveness.

Centralized Server Management: Fusion provides system administrators with the ability to centrally manage their monitoring servers regardless of their geographical location. Fuse servers from across the globe in one master dashboard for instant network analysis.

Easy Authentication: Nagios Fusion allows users to submit their server credentials once and access all of their monitoring servers from within Fusion. Easily access individual XI servers with the click of a button in order to drill down to specific network problems.

Organized Server Environment: Provide users with quick access to XI servers while maintaining an overall view of network health. Nagios Fusion provides users with a way to organize their entire monitoring environment without losing the ability to drill down to specific network problems.

Advanced User Management: Multi-Tenancy capabilities allow IT teams to work together efficiently and effectively to keep the network running smoothly. Customizable access levels allow for system administrators to maintain a safe and secure system, while providing specific access to the monitoring dashboards.

Customizable Views: Create custom views to see exaclty what is happening on your network. Get insights on top alert producers, recent alerts, network incidents, and custom server metrics all on a rotating dashlet. Display in a NOC with useful, actionable data sets to ensure efficient, timely response to network problems.