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The best Outlook mail recovery program for the recovery of damaged or deleted Outlook data. Also includes a file reduction function to reduce extremely large PST files. Works with Microsoft® Outlook 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
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PublisherPartNo Description Rate Download Size
OutlookFIX Professional 1 User   139.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 2 Users   199.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 3 Users   259.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 4 Users   299.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 5 Users   359.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 10 Users   539.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 15 Users   689.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 20 Users   819.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 25 Users   939.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 50 Users   1390.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Professional 100 Users   2190.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 1 User   189.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 2 Users   289.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 3 Users   369.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 4 Users   439.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 5 Users   499.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 10 Users   769.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 15 Users   979.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 20 Users   1190.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 25 Users   1290.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 50 Users   1990.00 AddtoCart
OutlookFIX Enterprise 100 Users   2990.00 AddtoCart
Key recovery features

  • Outlook file PST repair. Restores the PST data file when you get an error opening Outlook.

  • Recovery of deleted Outlook items. Will recover deleted items in Outlook such as emails, contacts, calendar items, notes and tasks.

  • Size reduction. Solves the 2 GB size problem in the Outlook PST data file.

  • All Outlook versions. Repairs Microsoft® Outlook 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It works in all Windows versions, from 98 to Windows 8.

  • All elements. OutlookFIX recovers emails, contacts, calendar items, notes and tasks.

  • Attachments. Recovers files attached to email messages.

  • All properties. All properties are recovered for each Outlook element type. For example, properties for contacts are "Name", "Organization", "Department", "Home Phone", "Keywords", etc.

  • All text formats. Texts on emails and other elements are recovered for all formats: HTML, RTF and plain text.

  • Password protected files. Recovery of not encrypted password protected files.

  • PST splitting. This feature allows you to split the Outlook PST data file into several smaller ones. This can be useful for example, to avoid problems related to a PST file being too large or also to copy your Outlook data to several CDs.

  • Program  viewer. See all your active, deleted and recovered items in the program's viewer before saving it to a new file or applying it to Outlook.

  • Batch recovery. Restores multiple PST Outlook files at the same time with all their items.

  • Usability. Simple usability and useful contextual information. One of our goals has been to create a program that is easy to use and the resulting user interface speaks for itself.

  • Multi-language option. The software interface and documentation are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian.

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified. software in accordance with the highest industry standards.