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Print Manager Plus Enterprise Edition

Built for large Enterprise networks running multiple Windows print servers and advanced setups
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Print Manager Plus Enterprise Edition   - ContactUs
Print Manager Plus 2010 Enterprise Edition

 Print Manager Plus Enterprise Edition is licensed per a Windows Server and allows multiple server connections to a single Print Manager Plus database. Local or remote Microsoft SQL Databases are permitted with this edition and can be shared with Print Servers (running Enterprise Edition). It covers unlimited users and unlimited shared printers on each print server license purchased. Maintenance is included and covers Upgrades/Updates and Phone support for 1 Year from date of purchase. The Small Business version of this edition is limited to 35 Users and 5 printers (per print server running SBE), and can be used for remote (Satellite) offices in conjunction with the Enterprise version.

Note: This edition also allows advanced options such as using with Microsoft Cluster Services, Citrix/Terminal Server support (where users are printing via Citrix/TS Sessions), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Core Editions and Virtualization technologies such as Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V.

 Note: The Print Server is defined as the computer that has Windows operating system installed, and where your printers are installed and shared making them accessible to all users on your domain(s) or Work Group.

System Requirements

Print Manager Plus installs on any Windows Server or Workstation. The product install changes nothing in the Windows infrastructure and relies only upon the standard Windows print subsystem.

Larger organizations running Windows Clustered servers, and Terminal Services or CITRIX based networks are also fully supported!

Installation Options

Print Manager Plus has two installation options. The first is a full setup, which installs the Print Manager Plus service on the print server and the administrator interface and reports as one setup.
The second install option only installs the Administrator interface and reports, which would be installed on the Administrators workstation.
The Print Manager Plus service is comprised of files and the database that actively run live on the print server capturing all print jobs. The database may also be remotely setup on another machine.
The Print Manager Plus Administrator comprises of files, which make up the interface and reporting tools used for administration of the product.
Silent install files exist for all install options and can be made available upon request.

Database Options

Depending upon the version of Print Manager Plus the product supports SQL Server Express and full editions.

These setup options are:
Create a Local SQL 2005 Express Database for Medium Printing Load
Recommended for a Workgroup or one print server printing up to 5,000 print jobs per a day.
Create a Print Manager Plus database on an Existing SQL 2005/2008 Server.
Recommended for one or multiple print servers printing unlimited jobs per a day. This configuration is also recommended when using Microsoft Clustered Servers.

Track and Audit Printing

Network Data Audited

Print Jobs being routed through a print server will all be audited no matter what operating system the print job is originating from. Once the print job has spooled through the print driver Print Manager Plus will audit data from Network Sources such as Workgroups, Active Directory, and LDAP.

Network data collected is: User, User Group, Organizational Unit, Printer Name, Printer IP, Server, Printer Group, Workstation Name, Workstation IP, Custom Active Directory fields.

Print Job Data Audited

Print Job data is translated into specific datasets which can be used for full featured auditing and cost analysis.

Print Job data collected is: Pages, Copies, Color, Duplex, Nup, Page Size, Document Title, Bandwidth, Cost, Square Unit and Linear Job Length, for Large Format Printers.

Printers Audited
Printers supported by Print Manager Plus are in the hundreds. Listing them would be lengthy and not show the actual technical quality of the product functionality without some background data.

Print Manager Plus was created by request from the IT industry at the inception of Microsoft’s Windows NT server release. Software Shelf took on the challenge of surveying and developing a simple, and easy to use software based product, and it did in 1998 releasing our 1.0 version of Print Manager Plus. We found that tracking print jobs from operating systems was not as easy as we thought it would be. The development route we took required that we audit the actual spooled print job file that the printer hardware deciphers to actually print the job. This required us to be able to look at separate print languages that the printer manufactures write for their hardware. Since then we have deciphered and audit hundreds of print languages. This allows Print Manager Plus to track the data needed for a complete audit of all printing traffic over any size network and any printer type.

Printers Audited includes: Dot Matrix, Inkjets, LaserJets, Multifunctional devices, Large Format Printers, and Plotters.

Click here to view a current list of printer languages supported.

Collecting this data and putting it into a standard database format allows customers to easily set printing Quotas, Restrictions, Rules, Messaging, and create over 129 fully detailed Reports and Graphs of all print traffic.

Control Printing

Print Manager Plus can set Quotas and Restrictions. Quotas and Restrictions can be set on a single or multiple users, user groups, and organizational units. Restrictions can be set directly on a printer or group of printers. Default settings can be turned on for new Users, and Printers added to the Active Directory.

 If a print job has been denied because of a restriction or a quota has been met, Print Manager Plus can automatically be set to Pause the print job or Delete the print job. Pop-Up messages can then be automatically sent to the user’s workstation explaining why the print job was denied. Low balance pop up messages can also be sent when a user gets close to his quota.

Hard Quotas

Click here to view the Quotas dialog.

  • Set printing account balance by all printers.
  • Set multiple printing balances per a group of printers.
  • Supports all currencies.
  • Set page balance.
  • Balances can be deducted by set page costs and deductions with factors such as; B/W, Color, Page Size, Duplex, and N-Up printing.
  • Set Quotas to reset by day, week, month, or year.
  • Set Quotas to accumulate by day, week, month, or year.
  • Supports Negative balances.
  • Supports separate Cash Balances.

Click here to view the restrictions dialog.

  • Set multiple restrictions on a User, User Group, Organization Unit, and Printer.
  •  Deny printing for print jobs over X number of pages.
  •  Deny printing if document size is over X amount of Bytes, Kilobytes, or Megabytes.
  •  Only Deny or Only Allow printing based on strings or words in the document title. Deny printing if the print job is color.
  •  Deny printing if the print job contains only Black and White.
  •  Deny printing if the number of copies of a print job exceeds X amount.
  • Deny printing if the document is reprinted within so many seconds. This handles accidental duplicate printing.
  •  Deny printing based on time of day. This allows you to set a Black Out time when all printing is denied.
  • Only Deny or Only Allow printing if the document is set to print Duplex.
  • Deny printing based of the maximum Job Cost allowed per printer, user, group or organizational unit.