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Database Performance Analyzer

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server goes beyond conventional server health tools. It’s the one tool that all DBAs, Developers, and DBA Managers can collectively use to save time and measurably improve SQL Server performance.
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Database Performance Analyzer (Formerly Confio Ignite) for SQL Server®

SQL Server Performance Monitoring

  • Identifies SQL Server performance issues most impacting end-user response time
  • Pinpoint root causes by performing multi-dimensional analysis
  • Analyze and optimize server and application performance based on queries, sessions, servers and storage systems
  • NEW in v9.0: Analyze baselines, alerts, and storage I/O details to help correlate resources with response time
  • Agentless architecture—install and see results in minutes

  • TOP 5 Reasons to Use SolarWinds SQL Server Performance Monitor Software

  • Improve End-User Application Performance
  • Response Time Analysis helps you make changes that end-users will notice when their apps run faster

  • Eliminate Finger-Pointing Across the IT Team
  • SolarWinds’ SQL Server performance monitoring software builds collaboration among DBAs, Developers, and Q/A & Server Administrators.

  • DPA Supports ALL Database Deployment Options
  • Instead of being forced to use different monitoring tools for On-Premise and in the Cloud/Virtualized, get DPA. It’s the only tool that provides full coverage of all three deployment options offering consistent monitoring, minimized costs, and a thorough management of performance complexity.

  • Improve Performance Without Additional Server Resources
  • Investing in hardware to resolve application performance problems is a big gamble unless you are certain the performance bottleneck is, in fact, caused by server resources. DPA helps pinpoint the root cause of problems and allows you to validate your hardware purchases.

  • No Agents and No Load
  • SolarWinds’ SQL Server performance monitoring software is unique with no installed agent and less than 1% load on monitored server.