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Go beyond simple trouble ticket solutions. The Web Help Desk software is designed for ITSM professionals seeking to simplify and automate their increasingly complex help desk environments.
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SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (1 to 5 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   821.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (6 to 10 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   815.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (11 to 20 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   810.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (21 to 30 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   803.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (31 to 40 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   792.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (41 to 50 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   768.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (51 to 75 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   722.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License (76 to 100 named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   680.00 AddtoCart
SolarWinds Web Help Desk Per Seat License ( 101+ named users) - License with 1st-Year Maintenance   633.00 AddtoCart

Point-and-Click Configuration

Enjoy the true ease of configuration through simple to understand, point-and-click configuration. There is no need to write superfluous code or linkage scripts in Web Help Desk because virtually all configuration is available to you directly from the web-based user interface.

The versatile Web Help Desk web-app provides dynamic, real-time access to your service desk through the convenience of virtually any webkit enabled mobile device such as Microsoft® Windows Mobile®, RIM® Blackberry®, and Apple® iPhone® devices.

Web-Based Accessibility
Every modern browser or Webkit supported mobile device is supported by Web Help Desk. You can access all Web Help Desk features with only an internet connection and browser.

Web Help Desk APIs offer multiple methods of integrating and extending your Web Help Desk functionality. Integrate easily with third-party applications through our RESTful API. Transactions can be formatted in JSON or XML. The Mail API offers seamless integrations through your current and common IMAP, POP, Exchange Web Services (EWS), and SMTP configurations.

Web-Based User Interface
What do my end users need? Nothing more than a modern web browser. No flash. No java applets. Just pure and simple web access.

iPhone & iPad
The native Apple® iPhone® application Web Help Desk Mobile™ is available in the iTune® App Store. Web Help Desk Mobile™ extends the mobile web interface of Web Help Desk to support push notifications for new and updated tickets.

Security & Privacy
A variety of SSL security options, along with LDAP and Active Directory login synchronization, ensure corporate authentication and policy compliance.

Service Request Fulfillment

Web Help Desk is aligned with the ITIL v3 methodologies in the processes of Incident, Problem, Knowledge, and Configuration Management. Web Help Desk is also ITIL inspired in the Change, Service Level, and Service Catalog Management processes.Standard Email Protocols
Web Help Desk uses the standard email protocols that you know well and can configure easily. Simply use your current IMAP, POP, Exchange Web Services (EWS), and SMTP configurations to get your Web Help Desk email communications up and running quickly.

Robust Action Rule Automation
Flexible, dynamic business rules allow for virtually unlimited routing and ticket update automation capabilities for inbound and existing tickets. Web Help Desk allows your best practices to drive automated ticket assignment, updates, and escalations through easy to understand rules-based configuration.

Help Desk Staff Triaging
Web Help Desk lets your service desk easily configure multiple tiers & groups of IT staff. Triaging inbound service requests allows lightly-skilled staff to address the request first and then easily escalate to the next level if needed.

Dynamic Ticket Forms
Online forms can be scary, especially to a less than tech savvy audience. Web Help Desk dynamically displays form fields based on the end user’s service request type. A Facilities Request form should look completely different from an IT Request form — Web Help Desk anables you to create different forms based on distinctive needs.

Time Tracking
Capture, analyze, and report time-related KPI data for every service fulfillment resource throughout each service request ticket.

Import Tickets
Transferring tickets from your old legacy system is simple and easy with the built-in Web Help Desk import widget.

Incident & Problem Management
Incident, Problem, and Service Request tickets are managed easily through a single, extensible solution. Clients and Customers have a simple, robust, interface for requests, view updates, and self-service solutions through the Knowledge Base. Web Help Desk provides a complete toolkit for ITSM Service Fulfillment Staff to simplify and automate their increasingly complex service environments.

Customer Self-Service Web Interface
A self-service, web-accessible interface eases both phone & email congestion. This centralization of service offers a sense of unison and stability to both endusers and support staff.

Simple Automated Ticket Routing & Assignment
Dynamically route and assign help desk tickets to a specific technician or group of technicians using your organization’s business logic; based on ticket categories, technician skill set, location, department, technician availability and work load balance.

Parent/Child Relationships
Link unlimited Incident Tickets to a single Problem Ticket for easy organization. Once resolved, close the Problem Ticket and the corresponding Incident Tickets or “Children” tickets close along with the “Parent” and send out appropriate notifications.

Unlimited Custom Fields
Create customized form elements, drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, text boxes, dates, numbers, etc. with ease. Custom fields can also be flagged as required, optional, hidden, etc. for each specific viewing audience.

iCalendar Subscriptions
Merge Web Help Desk due dates and schedules with your corporate and personal calendars through simple iCalendar subscriptions.

Export Tickets
Create filters to obtain the data you seek and then easily export to a file or PDF.

Email-to-Ticket Conversion
Web Help Desk software automatically converts service request email into a trouble ticket, including file attachments. Multiple inbound mailboxes and content filtering make distribution of inbound requests simple and informative.

Quick Ticket Templates
Web Help Desk ensures even the simplest phone-in gets logged at your service desk. For both phone-ins and walk-ups, IT service staff can select pre-populated ticket templates based on service needs, generating instant productivity and reducing client aggravation.

Load Balancing of Ticket Assignment
Easily configure Web Help Desk software’s business rules to optimize staff assignment of incoming requests — whether it be round robin distribution (Pro Edition), or in a triage approach.

Nested Service Catalog Selection
Building a service catalog is one thing. Building a user-friendly catalog of service is another. Logically group and nest your services into categories that make the most sense for you and your users.

Complete Audit Trail
Find a quick and easy audit trail for each completed service request. Each ticket’s processing sequence is time stamped and user tagged, including system updates and automation decisions.

Mass Ticket Updates
A technician has left the organization with 37 open tickets. Who will reassign each one? Web Help Desk software easily executes bulk updates to a general or specific group of tickets. Virtually any field, status, urgency, assigned technician, etc can be bulk updated within a few clicks.

Communication & Correspondence

Two-Way Email Correspondence
Email is the most common application used in IT. Why not place core help desk ticketing features directly in your email?

Add Ticket Notes Directly From Email
Web Help Desk email integration allows your IT team and end users to add ticket notes directly to email, either through a straight reply or “Add a Note” links. IT staff may even add “hidden” ticket notes directly from email.

Add Time Spent Email
For a technician on-the-go, the ability to utilize email to add work time, or even billable time, is an invaluable asset.

Configure Multiple Inbound Email Addresses
Web Help Desk provides a complete “service request system” for your whole user network. Simply configure Web Help Desk to monitor all your department inboxes — HR, Facilities, Marketing, etc. Web Help Desk will automatically convert an email request to a ticket and route it to the appropriate department.Email Notifications on Ticket Updates
Ensure that all parties stay in the loop throughout the entire service request lifecycle. A host of options are available for IT staff to update the end user and various other contacts through email.

Change Ticket Status From Email
Flexibility, mobility, and efficiency are priceless in service request fulfillment. Ticket status changes by email provide one more ace up your sleeve.

Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)
During all email communication, Web Help Desk end users and IT staff can carbon copy or even blind carbon copy LDAP users or any desired email address. Web Help Desk remembers your cc’s and bcc’s so you can maintain communication throughout the ticket’s lifecycle.

SMS Text Message Notifications
Never let your SLAs expire. Configure Web Help Desk to send a custom SMS text message, before concerning your client with an SLA breach.

Technician Group’s iCalendar Visibility
What does your team’s schedule look like — is everyone busy? Web Help Desk lets you subscribe to both individual and group staff iCalendars, making it easy to monitor work schedules and due dates in a single view.

File Attachments in Emails
Web Help Desk automatically imports email file attachments and links them to the designated service ticket. Settings are available to limit attachment file size.

Reassign Ticket From Email
The ability to assign a service request to a staff member directly from email provides flexibility and efficiency for the help desk team to handle requests with ease. The ability for staff to reassign a ticket is of course permission based.

Email-to-Ticket Conversion
Web Help Desk utilizes IMAP, POP, and Exchange protocols to automatically convert inbound emails into service request tickets. Automatic end-user authentication and content/spam filter configuration reduce overhead.

Custom Email & SMS Message Templates
Virtually any outbound email or SMS message from Web Help Desk can be customized to provide the specific content and feel that your organization requires to effectively convey your service request fulfillment message.

Public Messages/Alerts
Use our custom built-in alerts to notify end users of outages and scheduled downtimes before wasted tickets are entered.

Help Desk Management

Basic and Advance Ticket Searches
Save and share your most robust and popular search queries. Web Help Desk’s rules-based search queries are easy to understand, simple to use, and provide an efficient dissemination of your ticket data.

Browser Plugins & Extensions
Gain instant efficiencies with our at-a-glance ticket queue view. Web Help Desk’s ticket badge count widget for Apple Safari and Google Chrome enables easy multi-tasking.

Support Multiple Companies, Locations, Departments, and Projects
Not every client fits into specific parameters. Web Help Desk facilitates user segmentation into groups, companies, locations, and/or departments for appropriate service. Create efficiency and automation with Web Help Desk Action Rules to route, escalate and update tickets based on company, location, department, etc.

Date & Time Format Configuration
3:30pm on 9/20/1974 or 15:30 on 20.9.1974 – it’s the nuances within Web Help Desk that create efficiencies. Web Help Desk retains your location and preferred date / time formatting.

Multi-Level Escalation Path
Web Help Desk adapts to your organization’s triage and escalation process. Easy to configure technician groups and tiered fulfillment levels facilitate intuitive service for ticket resolution.

Operational Business Hours
Whether your operations are 24/7 or 9 to 5, Web Help Desk tracks your Service Level Agreement due dates and times relative to your specific business hours.

iCalendar Subscriptions
Easily merge Web Help Desk scheduling and due dates with corporate and personal calendars through simple iCalendar subscriptions.

Report Writer
Web Help Desk’s built-in report writer is an easy to use, robust tool for extracting key performance indicators, metrics, and bottleneck potentials. At-a-glance graphics and data tables give you a comprehensive overview. PDF reports can be emailed to your audience, with your choice of frequency.

Point-and-Click Configuration
Eliminate specialized development needs or costly onsite implementation consultants. Web Help Desk software offers simple point-and-click procedures for configuration.

Track performance in real-time. The Web Help Desk Dashboard increases business metrics visibility for faster, more informed decisions that improve performance and efficiency.

Multiple Time Zone Management
Does your organization follow the sun? Web Help Desk supports automatic date and time adjustments for every corner of the globe.

View/Subscribe to Technicians’ Group Calendars
What does your team’s schedule look like –is everyone busy? Web Help Desk lets you subscribe to individual or group staff iCalendars. Monitor work schedules and due dates through a single interface.

Export Reports to PDF, Print View, or TSV
Porting data is easy with Web Help Desk’s report writer. Send your report data to TSV files, PDF, or a printer friendly view.

Bulk Ticket Updates
Web Help Desk allows you to easily update a general or specific grouping of tickets. Virtually any field, status, urgency, assigned technician, etc. can be changed in bulk with just a few clicks.

Account Management (LDAP & AD)

LDAP and Active Directory Synchronization
With built-in connectivity for standard LDAP and Microsoft’s Active Directory, Web Help Desk software seamlessly integrates into your company’s IT infrastructure. Use Web Help Desk software to authenticate users and look up client contact info.

Permissions Based Technician Accounts
Web Help Desk adapts to your department’s organizational structure. Configure individual technicians or groups with similar permissions to restrict options for efficiency or security reasons.

Backup Technician
Service request fulfillment can’t stall because a technician is absent or unavailable. In these situations Web Help Desk lets you assign backup technicians as a substitute.

Export Clients (TSV)
If an authorized administrator needs to export a full or partial client list, Web Help Desk offers easy to use query and export tools.

Import Clients
Transfer contacts from your old legacy system simply and easily with Web Help Desk’s built-in ticket import widget.

Define Technician Groups
Many organizations cluster service fulfillment staff logically, such as by physical location, department, skill set, or service type categories. Web Help Desk lets you use logical groups for ticket routing, visibility, escalations, and more.

Self-Registration Option
For situations where your customer list is not readily available for authentication, Web Help Desk provides a self-registration option for your clients to complete and engage in customer support.

Technician Availability Management
If technicians are sick, on vacation, or part-time, your help desk software should retain this information. Web Help Desk contains built-in logic to weigh technician availability vis-a-vis ticket assignment.

Expanded Client Permissions
When a territory or department manager wants to review user ticket submissions, Web Help Desk makes it easy. Any manager or end user may be given permissions with limited update capabilities, to allow them access without changing data.

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement Management
Web Help Desk ensures that you maintain all levels of service agreement.

SLA Auto-Escalations & Notifications
Flexible and extensible Web Help Desk Action Rules allow your team to create automated escalations based on virtually any service ticket related field and SLA due date.

Time Tracking throughout Ticket Life-cycle
Whether your team is outlasting the SLA clock or awaiting an end user’s response, Web Help Desk tracks service ticket lifespan from cradle to grave. Key performance indicators and custom reports allow you to pinpoint bottlenecks, promoting efficiency and automation.

Custom Visual Alerts
As SLA breach times approach, Web Help Desk displays an efficiency-gaining queue to prevent service requests from falling through the cracks. Custom color coding, a text alert feature, and ticket sorting ensures that your ‘hottest’ tickets get the attention they require.

SMS Text Message Notifications
Prevent your SLAs from falling through the cracks. Configure Web Help Desk to send you a custom SMS text message before an SLA breach concerns your client.

“Submit on someone’s behalf”
Web Help Desk allows end users to submit service request tickets on someone else’s behalf. This permissions-based feature is ideal for employees who request an Administrative Assistant to act as liaison.

SLA Reminder Notifications
Web Help Desk enables you to configure tiered date-specific reminder notifications via email and visual queuing. Different reminder intervals may be configured based on the service ticket’s SLA priority.

Stop The Clock
Sometimes a customer must give input before service can be fulfilled. Web Help Desk lets you select a ticket status type that matches your predefined SLA timing.

Knowledge Base Management

Self Service Guidance – Related FAQs & Tool Tips
In conjunction with your searchable, extensible knowledge base, Web Help Desk offers related FAQs and tool tips as end users submit a service ticket.

Embed Link to Article
IT staff can search the knowledge base and reference relevant resolution articles with a hotlink in the ticket update. Providing links to robust, content rich article saves your IT staff precious time. End users receive this info via email or the Web Help Desk service portal.

General Public Knowledge Base
Web Help Desk provides an option for anonymous access to a range of knowledge base articles.

Asset Make/Model Search Criteria
Many IT-related knowledge base articles refer to a particular piece of hardware or software. Web Help Desk features an advanced set of granular search criteria that enable you to seek your own particular asset make and model. This same option is available to IT staff seeking to embed articles into tickets as reference.

Internal & External Visibility
Many technical knowledge base articles are intended primarily for internal use or reference. Web Help Desk can organize your knowledge base articles and flag visibility to the department(s) of your choice.

One-Click Article Submission
Grow your knowledge base organically by letting your IT staff easily submit common ticket resolutions as potential knowledge base articles for internal or external public consumption.

Nested Category Search Criteria
Providing logical category groupings of knowledge base articles offers consistency and efficiency in your service delivery.

Embed Videos, File Attachments, & Rich Text
A picture is worth a thousand words. An embedded video in your knowledge base article is worth a thousand unsubmitted tickets. Robust, feature rich knowledge base articles greatly increase the success of self service resolutions.

Knowledge Approval Management
Staff-submitted articles enhance your knowledge base, however duplication and error are sometimes an issue. Web Help Desk automatically flags each newly submitted article as ‘unapproved,’ requiring final approval from your knowledge base manager before becoming visible to the public.

Keyword Search Criteria
Boolean search criteria ensure your end clients find their desired knowledge base articles in an easy, user-friendly environment.

Import FAQs (CSV or TSV)
Web Help Desk offers a robust import tool to merge your current and purchased knowledge base, providing a one-stop shop for service fulfillment.

Asset Management (CMDB)

Centralized CMDB Asset Repository
Manage both hardware and software client assignment and build parent/child relationships between assets to make tracking a snap. Enter purchase order information and let Web Help Desk calculate warranty and lease end dates. Define asset types, status, locations, manufacturers and models for simple tracking.

Apple Remote Desktop Integration
Web Help Desk provides seamless integration with Apple Remote Desktop, Apple’s award-winning desktop management system for Mac OS X. The easy access to ARD information and instant remote control connectivity from within the Web Help Desk promises to boost technician productivity and raise the bar on customer satisfaction.

JAMF Casper Suite Integration
Our seamless integration with JAMF Software enables scheduled Recon Suite data imports to the Web Help Desk database, providing instant access to current asset discovery data.

VNC URL Protocol Tool
The Web Help Desk Custom URLs tool allows your team to utilize the VNC URL Protocol built into Mac OS X to engage the Screen Sharing application. Technicians gain measurable efficiencies by controlling service sessions remotely.

Asset to End User Associations
Easily manage who uses what. Associating an end user with a specific asset or group of assets allows Web Help Desk to provide a comprehensive list during service requests.

Asset to Service Request Tickets Association
Web Help Desk can also associate end users to service requests, incident tickets, or problem tickets with a specific asset or group of assets. This ticket association provides a running history of all service requests for a given asset, informing your decisions to retire, repair, and replace hardware and software.

Robust Asset Search
Save and share your most robust or frequently used asset search queries. The Web Help Desk rules based search queries are easy to understand, simple to use, and provide an efficient means of quickly disseminating your asset information.

Location & Room Association
Tracking on your assets’ physical location has multiple advantages, from ticket assignment to ticket entry. Web Help Desk allows end users to select their current room or lab and then provides a list of all assets in that specific location for their ease of use.

Asset Discovery Plugins
A scheduled or on-demand import of asset discovery data directly from virtually any Asset Discovery Solution into the Web Help Desk provides support professionals with the critical, up-to-date asset hardware and software information required to efficiently resolve service requests. Out of the box integration with popular Asset Discovery Solutions provide instant access to associating Asset data with ITSM ticketing data.

Absolute Manage Integration
Imported Absolute Manage asset discovery data and instant access to Absolute Manage client management tools from within Web Help Desk promotes immediate and quantifiable technician efficiencies.

Remote Control PCs and Macs
Web Help Desk allows you to control PCs and Macs remotely through your choice of tools, such as Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), and a VNC URL protocol tool.

Asset Reservation Desk
The Web Help Desk Reservation Center lets end users request a designated check-out time and date range for a specific asset. Our overdue alert system easily identifies lost or stolen inventory.

Parent / Child Asset Relationships
Establishing parent-child relationships between individual technology assets within Web Help Desk can provide key visibility into the ripple-effect impact caused by a single asset incident.

View Asset Service Requests
Replace, repair, retire — quite different costs for each option. Web Help Desk provides a historical list of all service requests for a given asset, easing your decision-making process. Definitive research can now easily be included on a request for replacement.

Customizable Asset Statuses
Asset data tracking is key to understanding what your organization owns and where it is trending. Web Help Desk offers customizable asset status profiles so you can monitor the physical state of your assets, such as: new, deployed, storage, retired, etc.

Vendor, Manufacturer, & Model Management
Logical asset grouping enhances your ability to query and track trends on an organization’s hardware and software. Web Help Desk allows assets to be logically categorized by vendor, manufacturer, and model. Knowledge base articles can also be easily queried by asset model.

Approval/Change Management

Seamless Change Request Submission
Associate ITSM Service Request Types with Approval/Change processes. Clients see a notification when creating a ticket if approval is required. Approvers receive an email notifying them of the pending request. Approvers can approve or deny directly from email or via the web interface.

Change Advisory Board (CAB) Voting
In addition to individual voting, Web Help Desk supports voting by panel. Simply create your list of Change Advisory Board members and select a minimum approval level. Panel voting can even be configured for single-step approval.

Control Decision Details Visibility
When approving or denying a request approvers can provide a detailed explanation for their decision. This entry can be made visible or hidden from the end user who submitted the service request.

Tiered Approval Steps
Approval processes can be simple or complex as needed, from a one step sign-off to multiple levels of succession. Individual steps must be approved before the ticket moves forward.

Vote via E-Mail or Web
Approvers will be notified via email regarding ticket approval. A Yes / No option directly in the e-mail makes for a quick and easy decision. Additionally approvals can be manged through the web-interface.

Approved Requests to Service Ticket
After approval, requests automatically unlock and convert to unique Service Requests assigned to the appropriate Technician — based on your organization’s business logic and defined via the Web Help Desk Action Rules Engine.

Dynamic Approval Decision Engine
Approvers can be configured based on roles, ensuring the request is addressed by the appropriate individual based on location, department and position.

E-Mail Reminders
Reminder intervals can be set for pending approvals so that tickets are handled in a timely manner. Once approved or denied both approver and end user can receive an automated reminder notification.

Change History
Approvers can view a detailed record of previous requests and approval paths. The Approval History provides a convenient means to review these requests for audit trail purposes.

Task Management
Multi-Element, Event Based Task Work Flow Manager
“Tasks” facilitate automatic ticket creation. A Task contains one or more Task Elements, each of which provides settings for a new ticket. When the Task is run, a Ticket is created for each Task Element, either sequentially or all at once, depending on the Task’s configuration. Tasks can be run manually or automatically at given intervals or based on specific criteria.

Share Tasks With Others
For problems and workflow that overlap between departments, tasks can be shared with a single click preference.

Schedule Recurring Tasks
Tasks can easily be scheduled to run on automated intervals of numerous denominations including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Seamlessly Integrate Approval Work Flow

A full Work Flow system can be based on tasks, including approval processes and conditional orders of elements — tasks can even deploy according to specifically defined criteria.

Schedule Future Tasks
Tasks can be pre-configured to auto-trigger on a specific ensuing date.

Associate Specific Assets With Task Elements
If you have specific equipment that requires preventative maintenance – i.e. a furnace or A/C system that needs a tune up every 6 months – link an auto-trigger task to these pieces of equipment for easy long term auditing purposes.

Survey Management

Automatic Delivery of Survey Invitations
Clients can automatically receive survey invitations after every ticket closure, or at the interval of your choice. This option can be enabled independently with a unique survey for every situation.

Easy to Configure Questionnaires
Each survey can have an unlimited number of questions. Select answers from a drop-down menu, a single choice radio knob, multiple choice checkboxes, or enter into a text box field.

Control Survey Invitation Frequency
Web Help Desk allows for customized frequency of survey deploments. Invitations can be delivered after every ticket, every other ticket, every third ticket and so on.

Manual Delivery
This unique feature allows for a select individual or group to receive a survey invitation on demand. Simply generate a list of recipients from a basic or advanced Client search and send an invitation for any of your custom surveys.

Survey Invitations Delivery Methods
Survey invitations are delivered via email through a browser window link. A button in the Client web portal interface can also be used to access the survey.

Survey Results Report Writer
Reports can also be built from survey results. Select desired surveys and refine your report query by Request Type, Date Range, Client, Tech, Tech Group, Location, and Location Group. Survey reports include a graphical overview with pie and bar charts. A detailed list of survey participants is included with links to associated tickets. Survey results can also be downloaded to TSV file.

Service Specific Survey Delivery
Web Help Desk’s unlimited survey options allow you gather feedback for all types of services. Surveys can be used to accumulate detailed information or simple customer satisfaction feedback.

Customizable Email Invitation
Survey invitations and thank you messages are completely customizable. Web Help Desk provides personalized tags to make invitation distinctive.

Survey Invitations Delivery Methods
Invitations are delivered via email, with a link to each Survey. Surveys are then filled out in a browser window. Additionally you can access the survey through the client web interface.

Billing & Parts Management

Add Time Spent on Ticket within Technician Interface
The built-in Technician Note editor allows you to easily allocate work time on a per note and per technician basis.

Add Billable Time from Ticket Email
Email to Ticket integration ensures that your technicians can complete all ticket updates remotely, even without browser access.

Billing Rate Management
Customize any rates to reflect your standard, after-hours, travel, and even non-billable fees. Billing Rates appear as a menu in the Tech Note editor of the Ticket details selection.

Inventory Parts in Storage Locations (Toner, Keyboard, etc.)
Parts items represent cost and inventory. Web Help Desk can e-mail Inventory Alerts when inventory reaches a specified minimum level.

Search Parts & Inventory from Ticket Details
Search parts easily based on number, model and manufacturer with our front end interface.

Import Parts & Inventory (CSV or TSV)
Easy to use importers are included in your Web Help Desk deployment.

Update Time Utilization with Email
Email-to-Ticket integration ensures technicians can deliver all their ticket updates remotely, even without browser or client access.

Service Time Block Management
Offer support to your client locations based on pre-defined service time blocks. Web Help Desk designates time as minutes or as points, depending on preference.

Billing Terms Management
Customize your billing terms to cover the time scale most relevant to your operations, be it Net-30, Net-60, Net-90 or a unique protocol.

Add Time & Materials
Track service parts and fees as line items on your custom invoices and quotes.

Quote Generation in PDF
Generate billable ticket details such as work time, service, and inventory, as an invoice or quote in cross-platform PDF format.

Select Billing Rate within Technician Interface
When adding notes and work time to tickets, Technicians can quickly apply unique billing rates on a per note basis.

Tax Code Configuration
Apply tax rates to labor, travel, parts, and shipping, either before or after discounts.

Auto-Decrement from Parts Inventory
Real time counts of inventory are always accurate thanks to automatic deduction from inventory as soon as parts are deployed to a ticket.

Enter Service Time by “Time” or “Points”
Whether you customers purchase blocks of “time” or blocks of “points”, Web Help Desk easily tracks and reports on the consumption of purchased services.


Performance Reporting
With Web Help Desk’s robust graphic reporting tools you can easily monitor technician performance, customer support needs by location, real-time billing data, and incidence frequency.

Customer Survey Reports
The Web Help Desk survey module collects data from multiple survey types and subjects. You can then easily populate this data into graphical reports that uncover bottlenecks and customer dissatisfaction.

Scheduled Report Delivery
Select and schedule regular reports for automatic email delivery to Supervisor, Manager, Technician, Finance and Administrator Users.

Export data
Web Help Desk allows report data to be ‘sliced and diced’ in the method of your choice at your level of expertise.

Web Help Desk’s dashboard feature increases the visibility of real-time business operations for faster, more informed decisions to improve performance and efficiency. At-a-glance charting provides an instant overview of your help desk’s service fulfillment.


Unlimited Endusers
Because Web Help Desk is licensed based on edition type and number of technician logins, the quantity of client end user accounts is always unlimited.

Unlimited Assets
Web Help Desk Pro Edition gives you unlimited assets within your database or CMDB. There are never additional “nodes” or asset bundles to purchase.
Free Help Desk Software
Our free help desk software offers nearly all of the powerful help desk features of the paid edition of Web Help Desk and is built on the same robust platform. It includes one free staff agent login, has no expiration date, and receives free upgrades for life!