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SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your IP space? SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) enables you and your team to ditch your spreadsheets and switch to easy-to-use, centralized IP address management software. Now it’s easier than ever to manage and monitor Microsoft® DHCP and DNS, as well as Cisco® DHCP servers, all from a single, intuitive Web console.
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IPAM IP1000 IP Address Manager - IPAM IP1000 SolarWinds IP Address Manager IP1000 (up to 1024 IPs) License with 1st-year Maintenance   2178.00 AddtoCart
IPAM IP4000 IP Address Manager - IPAM IP4000 SolarWinds IP Address Manager IP4000 (up to 4096 IPs) License with 1st-year Maintenance   4854.00 AddtoCart
IPAM IP16000 IP Address Manager - IPAM IP16000 SolarWinds IP Address Manager IP16000 (up to 16384 IPs) License with 1st-year Maintenance   11131.00 AddtoCart
IPAM IPX IP Address Manager - IPAM IPX SolarWinds IP Address Manager IPX (unlimited IPs) License with 1st-year Maintenance   18774.00 AddtoCart
Centralized IP Address Management
IP Address Manager helps you easily manage thousands of IP addresses and ensure that each new mobile or smart device, virtual server, server, or desktop has its own unique IP address. Using IP Address Manager you can publish reliable IP address documentation and enable teams to complete projects faster and with greater accuracy.

Unified DHCP and DNS Administration
IP Address Manager helps automatically provision addresses on virtually any major DHCP and DNS platform. You’ll be able to easily unify and manage all of your Microsoft®, Cisco® and ISC Open Source DHCP and DNS servers (or any combination). Now teams can easily find and configure IP addresses from a single management console.

Active IP Resource Monitoring
IP Address Manager automatically and proactively detects IP address problems that can eventually lead to network disruption. IP Address Manager watches key IP resources and finds problems before they become incidents. This helps network administrators avoid disruption and prevent network downtime.

IP Address Conflict Detection System
IP Address Manager can actively detect duplicate IP addresses and IP conflicts for both static and DHCP environments to help prevent network problems before they happen.