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TypingMaster is a touch typing tutor that adapts to your unique needs. It provides over 10 hours of customized exercises to guide you step by step to professional keyboarding.
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TypingMaster 11 Standard   19.90 AddtoCart
TypingMaster 11 Premium   29.90 AddtoCart
TypingMaster Site License (50 users)   390.00 AddtoCart
TypingMaster Site License (250 users)   590.00 AddtoCart
With TypingMeter, our unique widget for tracking and analyzing your typewriting when you work on your PC, you can keep on honing your writing skills long after finishing the touch-type lessons.

Whether writing an email or a report or chatting online, the TypingMeter records your typing stats, tracks and analyzes your typewriting patterns and identifies the keys and words that repeatedly cause difficulties. From time to time, the TypingMeter will pop up on the screen and suggest that you do a lesson focusing on your difficult letters and words.

You can measure your current typing speed and accuracy with advanced typing skill tests and print out a diploma. Premium version allows to add custom texts. You can take 1-minute, 5-minute, 10-minute typing test.