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VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite

The VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite automates operations management using patented analytics to provide the intelligence and visibility to proactively ensure service levels and deliver an intelligent virtual infrastructure.

Proactively Ensure Service Levels, Efficiency and Compliance

Dynamic hybrid cloud infrastructure requires a new approach to operations management. Traditional tools and processes designed for static physical environments overwhelm you with monitoring data, alerts and open questions. They’re not designed for highly scalable, dynamic and converged infrastructure. As a result, end users are often first to report performance problems, putting more pressure on IT because of a fundamental lack of visibility into the true health, efficiency and compliance with IT policies of both infrastructure and applications.

VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite solves the cloud operations challenge with an innovative approach and proven technology delivering on the three characteristics needed for success:


  • Automated – Patented, self-learning analytics enable a much higher degree of automation than traditional management tools, delivering nearly 70% productivity gains, 30% reduction in resource consumption, according to Forrester research.
  • Integrated – An integrated approach to performance, capacity, configuration management, delivered as an integrated suite, helps you manage the environment holistically and unifies teams across infrastructure and operations.
  • Comprehensive – Built on an open and extensible operations platform designed for dynamic hybrid cloud environments, vCenter Operations delivers comprehensive performance, capacity, change, configuration and compliance management, application discovery and monitoring, and cost metering capabilities.

Gain Comprehensive Visibility

Get a holistic view and deep insights into the health, risk and efficiency across infrastructure and applications to help ensure quality of service and early detection of performance, capacity and configuration issues.

Intelligently Automate Operations Management

Automate time consuming manual processes with an integrated approach to operations management that converges disciplines and unifies teams for maximum agility, resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Proactively Manage SLAs, Efficiency and Compliance

Proactively deliver quality of service, operational efficiency and continuous compliance with IT policies with an open and extensible operations platform designed for heterogeneous and dynamic hybrid cloud environments.

Gain Comprehensive Visibility

Powerful visualization of performance, capacity and configuration issues and risks enable visibility across virtual, physical and hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.

  • vCenter Operations Manager provides pre-built and configurable dashboards for real-time performance, capacity and configuration management.
  • Performance data is abstracted to health, risk and efficiency measures that allow IT to efficiently identify building performance problems with less effort.
  • Capacity analytics identify over-provisioned resources so they can be right-sized for most efficient use of virtualized resources. "What If" scenarios eliminate the need for spreadsheets, scripts and rules of thumb.
  • Out of the box templates ensure continuous compliance with security best practices, hardening guidelines and regulatory requirements.
  • Out of the box templates ensure continuous compliance with security best practices, hardening guidelines and regulatory requirements.
  • Designed for vSphere and built for Cloud, vCenter Operations is the best solution for managing dynamic VMware environments. Hooks into third party monitoring tools allow IT to leverage existing investments.

Eliminate Manual Processes with Intelligent Automation

Patented analytics provide actionable intelligence across the stack to automate manual processes for maximum efficiency and agility.

  • Infrastructure and operations analytics eliminate time-consuming problem resolution processes through automated root cause analysis.
  • Automated correlation of health, performance and change events at the infrastructure and guest OS-level help pinpoint lingering performance problems.
  • Automated rollback and remediation of configuration changes allow administrators to enforce IT policies.
  • Flexible capacity and cost reporting capabilities provide deep visibility into resource consumption trends.
  • Automated provisioning and configuration analysis detects unwanted changes and helps IT maintain continuous compliance with operational best practices and regulatory requirements.

Proactively Manage Operations

An integrated approach to automating operations allows IT to be more proactive and ensure optimal performance in the face of growing service level expectations and accelerating change.

  • Self-learning performance analytics and dynamic thresholds adapt to the environment to simplify operations management and eliminate false alerts.
  • Integrated smart alerts for health, performance and capacity degradation identify building performance problems before they affect end users.
  • Advanced capacity analytics allow administrators to optimize VM density and identify capacity shortfalls before they affect end users.
  • Real-time, integrated dashboards of performance, capacity and configuration change events enable a proactive management approach and help ensure SLAs are met.
  • Policy-based configuration management assures compliance across all aspects of the datacenter infrastructure, virtual or physical.

The vCenter Operations Suite Standard Edition is purpose-built for VMware administrators who want to maximize the performance, workload and health of their vSphere environment. The version of vCenter Operations Manager included in this edition provides:

  • Operations management dashboard providing key insights into vSphere performance, health and efficiency
  • Self-learning performance analytics with proactive smart alerts
  • Heat maps to easily locate trouble areas