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Aivosto Oy

1. Aivosto Regexpr

Category: Development Type:ADD-In

RegExpr adds regular expressions to Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0 and VBA.

2. Project Analyzer

Category: Debugging and Testing Type:Tools

Project Analyzer is a Visual Basic code review and quality control tool. Detect logic flaws by automated code review.

3. VB Friend

Category: Code Editing and Syntax Type:ADD-In

Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space.VB Friend v2 is a Visual Basic add-in. It works with Visual Basic 6.0 and requires VB6 run-times installed. VBA is not supported.

4. VB Watch

Category: Debugging and Testing Type:Tools

Take cover from run-time errors. Test, debug and profile your code. Increase the quality, stability and performance of your Visual Basic 6 programs.VB Watch is three tools in one: Profiler, Protector and Debugger. Profiler measures performance and test coverage. Protector implements robust error handling. Debugger helps monitor your executables. VB Watch v2 works with Visual Basic 6.0. It does not support other languages such as VBA, VB.NET or C#.All generated code is 100% pure VB source. You don't need to distribute any extra run-time libraries, unless you use some advanced Protector features.

5. Visustin

Category: Charting and Graphing Type:Tools

Visualize your source code with flow charts and UML Activity Diagrams. Open up your code in Visustin to flowchart it automatically. Draw flow charts with your mouse. View and print charts or export to Microsoft Visio. Visustin is an automated diagramming tool for software developers and document writers. Save documentation efforts with automatic code visualization. Visustin reverse engineers your source code into flow charts or UML Activity Diagrams. Visustin reads the if and else statements, loops and jumps and builds a diagram — fully automated. No manual drawing is required. Visustin flowcharts Ada, ASP, assembler, BASIC, C/C++, C#,Clipper, COBOL, ColdFusion, Fortran, Java, JSP, JavaScript,LotusScript, Pascal/Delphi, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, PowerScript,PureBasic, Python, QuickBASIC, REALbasic, T-SQL, VB, VBA, VB.NET,Visual FoxPro or XSLT.

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