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1. BPI Customer Complaint SPC for Excel

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

No matter how great your organization is, sometimes, it will happen. A customer will complain about something. After all, have not you complained about something when you have been the customer? All companies should have a customer complaint process in place. This process should cover how you respond to and handle customer complaints. And you need to track your customer complaints using statistical process control (SPC).

2. BPI Measurement Systems Analysis/Gage R&R

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

Stand Alone Software or as Part of SPC for Excel

Our Measurement Systems Analysis/Gage R&R software determines if the measurement process is acceptable. It is based on the techniques outlined in Measurement Systems Analysis (AIAG), 3rd edition, and Evaluating the Measurement Process (Wheeler and Lyday). The software is only $69. It is also available as part of our SPC for Excel software.

The software contains the variable measurement techniques as well as the attribute measurement techniques. It includes the average and range method with all the charts highlighted in the AIAG manual on measurement systems analysis. The software also contains the ANOVA method for the variable measurement system. The range method for gage R&R is included as well, determining the bias and linearity of a measurement system. Finally, attribute gage R&R is included.

3. BPI SPC for Excel

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

SPC for Excel provides an easy way to perform statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel. This SPC software is very cost effective and user-friendly. At the same time, it is a very powerful statistical package that meets the needs of most professionals - green belts, black belts, quality professionals, quality assurance, front-line personnel, supervisors, quality control, controllers, engineers, and laboratory personnel - anyone who wants to improve their data analysis.

4. SPC Training PowerPoint Modules

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Application/Tool

Seven SPC PowerPoint Modules: Variation p Control Charts c Control Charts Xbar-R Control Charts Individuals (X-mR) Control Charts Interpretation of Control Charts Process Capability

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