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1. ActivePatch

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

ActivePatch is a software development toolkit that enables developers to create their own updates in the form of a patch, andintegrate the patch application process directly into their own software. ActivePatch does not simply create incremental updates and re-package the files. It analyzes each file at the byte level, and determines the best method for updating the target file on the user's system.

2. ChoiceAnalyst

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

ChoiceAnalyst has nearly an infinite number of applications and is such a useful tool that it will be used in any application where decisions must be made. Its been said that even the act of making no-decision is in and of itself a decision to take no action. This is quite true so the real question is how well will one person or a group make a decision.

3. LogicGem

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

Presenting decision procedures in a tabular form goes back at least to ancient Babylon, where the rules for performing multiplication of cuneiform numerals were baked in clay tablets for students. Tables are a quick and easy way for a human being to read, understand and execute a complex procedure. Tabular forms for computer programming dates back to the late 1950's when General Electric, the Sutherland Corporation, and the United States Air Force worked on a complex file maintenance project. Attempts at using flowcharts and traditional narratives failed to define the problem after more than six labor-years of effort. This was typical of most large projects at that time. Then, in 1958 four analysts using decision tables successfully defined the problem in less than four weeks. When the right tool was used the problem was solved almost immediately.

4. SocketTools

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

SocketTools is a suite of .NET components, ActiveX controls and libraries for software developers who need to integrate Internet functionality into their Windows applications. Using SocketTools, you can easily add features such as uploading and downloading files, sending and retrieving e-mail, exchanging information with web servers, interactive terminal sessions and remote system management.

5. SocketTools Subscription

Category: Development Type:Tools

The SocketTools Subscription is a comprehensive suite of managed code .NET classes, ATL-based ActiveX controls (OCXs) and dynamic link libraries (DLLs) which can be used in a wide variety of programming languages. It includes every component in the SocketTools family of products

6. SocketWrench

Category: Network Communication Type:Tools

SocketWrench is a general purpose TCP/IP networking component designed to simplify the development of Internet client and server applications. Using SocketWrench, you can connect to any service over the Internet, and can even create your own custom servers. The product includes a managed .NET component for Visual Studio 2003 and later versions, an ActiveX control for use in languages like Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and PowerBuilder, as well as a standard dynamic link library (DLL) which can be used with virtually any Windows programming language.

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