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1. Diskeeper Administrator

Category: System Administration Type:Tools

Diskeeper® 12 Administrator saves you time and money by providing complete centralized management of Diskeeper/V-locity operations for all machines on your network, including installation, configuration, monitoring, updating, email reports, alerts and more.

2. Diskeeper Professional

Category: System Administration Type:Application/Tool

Diskeeper® Professional offers a completely new look and feel that makes it even easier to keep your PC running at maximum speed and reliability. Diskeeper invisibly eliminates fragmentation-related problems before they occur, increases application performance, speeds up boot times and keeps your PC running faster and more reliably – every minute of every day.

3. Diskeeper Server

Category: System Administration Type:Application/Tool

For Windows® physical servers with local or direct-attached storage (DAS), Diskeeper® 12 Server is an ideal entry-level performance solution. Diskeeper Server proactively prevents performance-robbing fragmentation from occurring to keep servers running like new. Diskeeper® Server’s patented, proactive IntelliWrite® technology prevents split I/Os from being created at the time files are written—reducing the amount of I/O pushed through the server and storage, and resulting in increased productivity and lower costs by extending the useful life of existing hardware.

4. Undelete Professional

Category: Debugging and Testing Type:Tools

Undelete replaces the Windows recycle bin with a catch-all Recovery Bin™ that intercepts all deleted files, no matter how they were deleted or who deleted them. Lost file? File recovery is no problem! Use the Recovery Bins Windows Explorer-like interface to navigate to the file, or take advantage of Undeletes powerful search capabilities. Right-click the file, select Recover, and the file is back. Version Protection makes it even easier to restore overwritten versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files. Just right-click the file and select View Versions and restore the file you want. You can even preview the files before recovery to help you find the right version.

5. Undelete Server

Category: Debugging and Testing Type:Tools

Undelete® 10 Server is the recycle bin for file servers, enabling continuous data protection and eliminating time consuming restores from backup. Undelete ensures every deleted file or version of an Office file on a Windows PC or server can easily be restored—either by IT or by the users they support.

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